GHGT-14: Panel Discussion on CCUS in Developing Countries: Current Activities and Future Potential


By Tim Dixon

5 November 2018

This Panel Discussion was organised by Brendan Beck, World Bank consultant, and chaired by Brian Allison of UK BEIS. The session had updates from donors and funding agencies such as the UK, Eva Halland of Norway and Natalia Kulichenko-Lotz of the World Bank, and heard from funded project activities in developing countries. Usman Pasarai of LEMIGAS updated on their pilot CO2-EOR in Indonesia. Benjamin Heraz Cruz provided an interesting update on the new CCUS Centre in Mexico (being led by INEEL, a member of IEAGHG). Jia Li of Shanghai Jiaototong University gave an update on China, noting that some smaller companies are getting interested in the CCUS market, and updating on the three centres of excellence supported by ADB in China: Shanghai, Guandong and National Centre at Yangchang Petroleum. Discussion covered that for the World Bank, or other multilateral agencies such as the Asian Development Bank or the Green Climate Fund, to increase their engagement and financing of CCS they would need requests for funding from their client countries (developing countries) and/or direction from their donor countries. Conclusions included that additional support – both technical and financial – for developing countries is required for countries already working on CCS as well as countries who are yet to understand their potential.In additional it was highlighted that international collaboration and international knowledge exchange is very important going forwards, as well as political support in country.

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