Update on the Shand Power Station CCS Feasibility Study by the International CCS Knowledge Centre


By Monica Garcia

28 November 2018

Recently I wrote about the update from the International CCS Knowledge Centre during GHGT-14 on the Shand facilities and how the learnings from BD3 were applied (see https://ieaghg.org/ccs-resources/blog/learnings-from-boundary-dam-applied-to-shand-power-station). Today, the same team released the Shand CCS Feasibility Study at a press conference in Edinburgh timed to coincide with the International CCUS Summit and Conference. IEAGHG’s Tim Dixon chaired the press conference. This report includes further technical information on the retrofitting of the Shand Power plant, how the learnings from BD3 have been incorporated, which further reductions can be achieved, and suggesting inputs for a regulatory framework incorporating CCS.

The design of the Shand power plant with CCS is site-specific, taking advantage of the remaining space in this facility, availability of steam to be extracted from the existing plant, and proximity to BD3 for CO2 transport and injection. As technical highlights from this design:

  • It is designed to capture 2Mt/year (double the captured CO2 in BD3)
  • 67% cost reduction in capital cost
  • The construction is modular
  • This facility is flexible to deal with intermittent renewables as back-up system, varying the capture rate from 90% to 97%
  • The by-products (CO2 for EOR and fly ash for the concrete industry) enhance the business case
  • The plant will operate under ZLD (zero liquid discharge)

The operation, maintenance & consumables, and the power plant and capture capital costs are dramatically reduced compared to BD3, by 73%, 92% and 67% respectively. From this data, it can be seen the great cost reduction from the first plant (BD3) to the second plant (Shand), which shows the potential further cost reductions in CCS systems for next generation CCS projects CCS costs should not be considered a limitation but a motivation to increase the CCS deployment.

We are looking forward to seeing further updates on Shand and other second generation CCS projects.

The full report can be found in: https://ccsknowledge.com/

IEAGHG’s Tim Dixon chairing the Press Conference. Photo courtesy of UKCCRC

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