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IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

The Environmental Research into CO2 Storage Network aims to stimulate and nurture global collaboration and knowledge advancement in potential impacts of CO2 Storage for Environmental Impact Assessments.


The IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IEAGHG) workshop in 2008: defining R&D needs to assess environmental impacts of potential leaks from CO2 storage, hosted by the British Geological Survey in Keyworth, Nottingham; and the 2010 workshop: Natural Releases of CO2: Building Knowledge for CO2 Storage Environmental Impact Assessments, hosted by BGR in Maria Laach, Germany; demonstrated the need for the establishment and expansion of a research community in the field of Environmental Impacts of CO2 Storage and, a collated effort to draw together results in this field for much needed information on impacts and geological processes.  Following recommendations from these workshops and due to recognition of this extensive growing research field the IEAGHG approved the establishment of a new Workshop Series on Environmental Impacts of CO2 Storage from 2012 onwards.


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Meeting and Summary Reports

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