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A network to promote further development and scale-up of processes for CO2 capture which involve solid looping cycles operating at elevated temperatures.


The high-temperature solid looping network brings together researchers and developers of technology to capture CO2 at high temperature in cyclical processes using either circulating or fixed beds of solids. The technology has advanced considerably in the last few years and recently several large pilot plants have been constructed and brought into operation. This important step is expected to enable convincing demonstration of the potential for the technology to work at industrial scale to be done.

The network is progressively expanding participation beyond the research community, businesses, plant designers and equipment suppliers as the technology moves rapidly through pilot and industrial demonstration towards full-scale commercial deployment.


High-temperature solid looping cycles involve the use of a solid reactant to transfer either CO2 or O2 from one reactor to another. For example, CO2 at relatively low concentration can be scrubbed from flue gases, with the sorbent then being regenerated to yield a pure stream of CO2. Metal oxides can transport oxygen from the air to react with fuel, effectively 'burning' the fuel to yield a pure stream of CO2 and H2O, which can then be easily separated and the CO2 stored. Alternatively, there exist a number of methods of producing H2 or syngas from hydrocarbon-based fuels, while simultaneously producing pure CO2.


The 9th High Temperature Solid Looping Cycles Network (HTSLCN) Meeting, bringing together the latest scientific and technological developments in the field of Solid Looping, was hosted by the CLEANKER project in Piacenza, Italy on 14-15 March 2023.

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Meeting and Summary Reports

This network builds upon four preceding international workshops on in-situ CO2 removal, ISCR. The fourth and last meeting of the ISCR series was held at Imperial College, London, in July 2008. Click here for presentations from the meeting.

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