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Predictive modelling of CO2 injection is recognised as an essential part of the site selection and characterisation process and is a required element throughout the injection and post injection phases. Models are likely to be used by regulators and decision makers alike to decide on the progress of a project and so accuracy is likely to become a more important point. The model may continue to be refined throughout the injection process and towards the end of the project and site closure.

An important part of the modelling network is to review advances. Current theoretical and laboratory scale research has continued to advance our understanding of the processes which will control the behaviour of stored CO2 in the subsurface and govern potential leakage mechanisms, though an increased number of large-scale storage projects are required to provide data with which modelling methods can be calibrated.

Sleipner Benchmark Model

Statoil, in conjunction with Permedia Research Group Inc., have prepared a Sleipner based benchmark model using the uppermost CO2 unit - layer 9. The aim of the benchmark model is to improve modelling tools and methods and our understanding of CO2 flow dynamics.

The CO2 injection at Sleipner started in 1996 and as such is the world’s longest running industrial scale CO2 storage project, with an extensive monitoring dataset. The monitoring programme consists of four hjosir quality repeat seismic surveys, three gravimetric surveys and one electromagnetic survey.

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