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IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

This international research network covers the monitoring of injected CO2 in Geological Storage formations.


The aims and objectives of the network are to assess new technologies and techniques as they become available, determine the limitations, accuracy and applicability of monitoring techniques, disseminate information from research and pilot storage projects around the world, develop extensive monitoring guidelines for the different sub-categories of geological storage; oil and gas fields, unmineable coal seams, and saline aquifers, covering the differing conditions and reservoir properties encountered globally as well as to engage with relevant regulatory bodies.

Summary Reports

Summary reports from previous Network workshops are available, please click below to view these documents.

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Upcoming Events

IEAGHG Monitoring Network Meeting

8th – 10th August 2023: Louisiana State University and the Gulf Coast Carbon Center, Baton Rouge, USA

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This meeting will be the 14th in-person meeting of this IEAGHG expert network and will be split into two separate themes: day 1, a technical deep-dive into developments in monitoring techniques, methods and processes and day 2, which will be aimed more at regulators and regulatory issues in monitoring.

The agenda will be confirmed soon, but sessions will include the following:

DAY 1: Fibre Optics & Low-Cost Monitoring for Subsurface Seismic Non-Seismic Methods Offshore Environmental Monitoring Terrestrial Monitoring Automation & Integration of MMV.

DAY 2: Framing the Problem Tools Environmental Aspects Societal Considerations of Monitoring Panel Discussion: Getting to Closure Closing Session: Unmet Needs.

There will be a field trip on Thursday 10th August for in-person attendees, which will include a tour of LSU’s PERTT lab ( and visiting a planned Shell site for onshore storage (details TBC).

Previous Meetings

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Network contacts

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