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Technology Collaboration Programme by IEA

Induced Seismicity and its Implications for CO2 Storage Risk

Technical Report

1 April 2013


M. Gerstenberger, A. Nicol, C. Bromley, R. Carne,, L. Chardot, S. Ellis, C. Jenkins, T. Siggins, E. Tenthorey, P. Viskovic

Citation: IEAGHG, "Induced Seismicity and its Implications for CO2 Storage Risk", 2013-09, April 2013.

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Publication Overview

This study would provide a review of the mechanisms that cause induced seismicity and their application to geological storage of CO2. The study would involve a detailed literature review of recent and ongoing research in this topic and an analysis drawn from the findings. Importantly, the study would focus on induced seismicity that may be caused by CO2 injection and storage. Owing to the paucity of large scale CO2 storage projects, it may be necessary to use findings from analogues (for example, steam assisted gravity drainage of heavy oil, cyclic steam stimulation in heavy oil recovery or produced water re-injection (also at hydraulic fracturing conditions) in oil and gas field operations).

Publication Summary

  • The risks associated with induced seismicity at CCS sites can be reduced and mitigated using a systematic and structured risk management programme.
  • Statistical models presently show the most promise for forecasting seismicity, but improved physical models are under development and may be key in the future. Both types will need to be tailored to the injection site.
  • Site performance and management guidelines should be established prior to injection to facilitate: 1) definition of the acceptable levels and impacts of induced seismicity; 2) optimisation of the monitoring and mitigation programmes; and 3) the establishing of key control measures. Such guidelines have been developed for Enhanced Geothermal Systems and should provide the starting point for a management strategy of induced seismicity at CCS sites