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Technology Collaboration Programme by IEA

Post Combustion Capture Conference 1

John Toppe

Citation: IEAGHG, "Post Combustion Capture Conference 1", 2011-16, November 2011.

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Publication Overview

PCCC1 aims to be a forum to discuss the various issues related to post-combustion capture technologies status and development. PCCC1 will provide an opportunity to encourage technology providers and developers to share their experiences and knowledge.

Publication Summary

  • A number of pilot plants have established mass transfer and energy performance.
  • Energy required for CO2 capture from coal is settling into a range of 200-250 kwh/tonne CO2 . KS-1, piperazine, AMP/PZ, MDEA/PZ are some of the superior solvents.
  • Two issues of secondary environmental impact are receiving major attention: 1) Nitrosamines are made from NO2 in flue gas, but are probably limited to accumulation in the solvent. 2) Unexpected losses of volatile amine through the water wash as aerosols must be addressed.
  • Steady technical progress has been made over 11 years
  • There are a number of large pilot plants providing good scale up data but there are still no integrated CCS demonstrations that using post combustion capture
  • 2nd Generation Technologies are certainly coming on but the process economics that surround them are still unclear
  • There are no perceived technical show stopped – environmental impacts are being addressed