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Technical Session 6

Time Session Paper
CO2 Quality Impacts and Pollution Control
14.00  6A

The Prospects of Achieving Ultra-Low Emissions from Cxy-Coal Power Plants: John Wheeldon, EPRI, USA

14.20  6A

Development Opportunities for Future Large Scale Lignite Oxyfuel Power Plants: Lars Stromberg, Vattenfall R&D AB, Sweden and Nicolas Perrin, Air Liquide, France

14.40  6A

Sulphur and Nitrogen Chemistry in Pressuised Flue Gas Systems: Fredrick Normann, Chalmers University, Sweden

15.00  6A

CO2 Purity in Coal Fired Oxyfuel Processes: Klaas Guenther, TUHH, Germany

15.20  6A

Experimantal Investigation and Model Validation on the Effects of Impurities on CO2 Separation using a Bench-Scale, hjosir pressure CO2 Test Cell: Carlos Salvador, CANMET Energy, Canada

SOx and NOx Control
14.00  6B

SO3 Emissions in Pilot-Scale Oxy-Fired Pulverised-Coal and Curculating-Fludised-Bed Test Facilities: Andrew Fry, Utah University, USA

14.20  6B

SO3 Control in Oxyfuel Applications: Bhupesh Dungel, Doosan Babcock, UK

14.40  6B Study Results of Combustion Characteristics and Behaviours of the Corrosive Substances in Oxyfuel Combustion Process: Takahiro Gotou, IHI Corp., Japan
15.00  6B

The Effect of CO2 Reactivity on NOx Reduction in O2/CO2 Combustion: Hirotatsu Watanabe, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

15.20  6B

Effects of Flue Gas Recirculation on NO and N2O Formations in Coal Combustion: Ryo Yoshiie, Nagoya University, Japan

15.40 6B Effect of CO2 Concentration on Fuel-NOx Formation: Yukihiko Okumura, Maizuru Nat'l College of Technology, Japan
Other Applications of Oxyfuel Combustion
14.00 6C

Effects of Moisture Content and Particle Size on Flame Stability and Nitric Oxide Emissions during Coal/Biomass Combustion under Air-Fired and Oxyfuel Conditions: Richard Axelbaum, WUSTL, USA

14.20 6C

Fuel Variability Effects on Gaseous Emissions in a Pilot-Scale: Hamidreza G. Darabjhani, Cranfield University, USA

14.40 6C

In-Situ Oil Sands Production - Benchmarking of CO2 Capture Solutions: Karina Hofstad, Statoil, Norway

15.00 6C

Novel Technology Options for Reducing the Energy Footprint of Oxy-Fuel Power Plants: Behdad Moghtaderi, University of Newcastle, Australia

15.20 6C Efficiency of Gas Turbine Assemblies Operating under Oxygen Enhanced Combustio (OEC): Paulo Smith Schneider, Rio Grande do Sul University, Brazil