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Technical Session 4

Time Session Paper
15.50  4A Maintaining Power Output with the Addition of CO2 Capture: A Techno-Economic Assessment of Integrated Retrofits with Sequential Combustion of Gas Turbine Flue Gas:
Maria Sanchez del Rio, University of Edinburgh

16.10  4A

Optimising Integrated Reference Cases in the OCTAVIUS Project:
Hanne Kvamsdal, SINTEF

16.30  4A

Flouropolymer Heat Exchangers: The Clean and Profitable Solution fro Efficiency Improvements and CO2 Reduction at Coal-Fired Power Plants with CCS Technology:
Peter Dittmann, Wallstein Ingenieur

16.50 4A

Integration of a Precipitating CO2 Capture Process in an NGCC Power Plant:ntegration of a Precipitating CO2 Capture Process in an NGCC Power Plant:
Ugochukwu Edwin Aronua, SINTEF

17.10 4A

Delta Purification's Solvent Reclaimer Operation and Preformance in the Cleanup of Degraded Solvents used in CO2 Capture from Coal-Fired power Plant Flue Gases:
Ahmed Aboudheir, Delta Purification

15.50 4B

A Study on Risks to Human Health Due to NO2, PM2.5, and SO2 Emissions from a Post-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture Process in Canada:
Jarotwan Koiwanit, University of Regina

16.10  4B

Cause and Prevention of Aerosol-Based Emission  - Results from the Post-Combustion Capture Pilot Plant at Niederaussem:
Peter Moser, RWE

16.30 4B

Behavior of trace elements in an amine-based CO2 capture plant at different sections of the process:
Merched Azzi, CSIRO

16.50 4B Study on Reaction Mechanisms of Amine Absorbent and Aldehydes:
Asato Kondo, Toshiba

17.10 4B

Measurement and Interpretation of Amine Aerosols: 
Matt Beaudry, The University of Texas at Austin 

15.50 4C

Enhancing the Operation and Production of an Existing 800 Tonne Per Day Plant Capturing CO2 Flue Gases of a Coal-Fired Power Plant:
Ahmed Abhoudheir, Delta Purification

16.10 4C

Multi-Scale Modelling of Carbon Capture Systems:ulti-Scale Modelling of Carbon Capture Systems:
David Miller, USDOE

16.30 4C

Simulation and Validation of CO2 Mass Transfer Processes in Aqueous MEA Solutions with Aspen Plus at CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad:
Espen Steinseth Hamborg, TCM

16.50 4C Effect of Liquid Viscocity on Mass Transfer Area and Liquid Phase Mass Transfer Coefficient for Strucured Packings:
Di Song, The University of Texas at Austin

17.10 4C

Development of Cyclic Adsorption for CO2 Capture: Process Modelling and Optimisation:
Matteo Gazzani, ETH Zurich