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Date: 20th-21st May, 2008

Vienna, Austria

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Organised by
IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme
Hosted by EVN

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Co-Ordinator: Dr. John Topper


The Post-Combustion Capture Network was founded in 2000, primarily to share information on use of amines as solvents for capture of CO2, associated with conventional combustion based fossil fuel fired power stations.
It has deveoloped over the past seven years into a friendly specialist club which examines, on an annual basis new developments in post combustion power science and laterly the introduction of pilot plants in different parts of the world; all aimed at promoting the development of demonstration plant for this technological approach.

Registration is by email to the contacts below.


Final Report

Please note the buses will collect from the
Intercity Hotel 08.00
Hotel Marriott 08.15

Day 1 20th May 2008

Pick up by bus from Courtyard Vienna Schoenbrunn and Intercity Hotels and transfer to EVN Forum at Maria Enzersdorf (just outside Vienna)
Intercity Hotel 08.00
Hotel Marriott 08.15

09.00 Welcomes

Welcome: Austrian Ministry Official

Welcome: Dr Adolf Aumueller on behalf of EVN and the Sponsors

Welcome:Dr John Topper on behalf of IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

Session 1 - Fundamental Studies- Chair Prof. Paitoon Tontiwachwuthikul, University of Regina, Canada

09.30 to 09.55

Thermal and Oxidative Degradation of Amines: Jason Davis, University of Texas, USA

09.55 to 10.20

Aqueous Concentrated Piperazine - a Fast, Stable and Effective Solvent: Stephanie Freeman, University of Texas, USA

10.20 to 10.45

Evaluation of Post Combustion Capture using Piperazine Promoted Potassium Carbonate in a Coal Fired Power Station: Jochen Oexmann, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany

10.45 to 11.15 Break

Session 2 - More Fundamental Studies- Chair Dr. Paul Feron, CSIRO, Australia

11.15 to 11.40

Liquid speciation and reaction kinetics for CO2 in aquoeus polyamine (DETA) solution: Ardi Hartono, NTNU, Norway

11.40 to 12.05

Ebulliometric determination of Vapour-Liquid equilibria for pure alkanolamines and their aqueous solutions; Inna Kim, NTNU, Norway

12.05 to 12.30

Mass Transfer in a Small scale Flue Gas Absorber, Experimental Modelling: Dr. Patrick Huttenhuis, Procede Gas Treating, The Netherlands

12.30 to 13.45 Lunch followed by Group photograph

Session 3 - Studies and Programmes - Chair Prof. Alfons Kather, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany

13.45 to 14.05

Update on Activities at and by University of Regina: Prof. Paitoon Tontiwachwuthikul, University of Regina Canada

14.05 to 14.30

CCS at IFP: From MEA to New Processes for Post Combustion Capture: Raynal Ludovic, IFP, France

14.30 to 14.55

Post Combustion Work at CSIRO and in Australia: Dr. Paul Feron, CSIRO, Australia

15.00 to 15.30 Break

Session 4 - CASTOR and Capture Ready- Chair Prof. Hallvard Svendsen, NTNU, Norway

15.30 to 15.55

Results from CASTOR project: Jan Hopman, TNO, The Netherlands

15.55 to 16.20

Performance Review of CASTOR Pilot Plant at Esbjerg: Jacob Knudsen, Dong Energy, Denmark

16.20 to 16.45

Studies on the Concept of Capture Ready and its Application to Post Combustion Capture: Jon Gibbins and Mattew Lucquiaud, Imperial college, UK


Wrap Up Day 1 by Dr. John Topper

Close Day 1
17.00 Bus Transfer to Schottenheuriger at nearby Maria Enzersdorf for Dinner
Late evening return by bus to hotels


Day 2 21st May 2008

Delegates meet in lobby of two hotels for bus pick up and transfer to EVN Froum at Maria Enzersdorf
Intercity Hotel 08.00
Hotel Marriott 08.15

Session 5 - Ammonia Chair George Offen, EPRI, USA

09.00 to 09.25

Update on Use of Chilled Ammonia: Brice Freeman, EPRI, USA

09.25 to 09.50

Vattenfall's Demo Project at Nordjyllandsværket: Ole Biede, Vatenfall, Denmark

Session 6 - Developments by Technology Providers- Chair Dr. Jon Gibbins, Imperial College, UK

09.50 to 10.15

Activities by Babcock & Wilcox: Lisa Rumpf, B&W, USA

10.15 to 10.40

Latest Developments by Fluor: Satish Reddy, Fluor, USA

10.40 to 11.10 Break

11.10 to 11.35

Cansolv Activities: Colin Ryan /Devin Shaw, Cansolv, Canada

11.35 to 12.00

Coal Fired Pilot Plant and Multipollutant Control: Masaki Iijima, MHI, Japan

12.00 to 13.00

Panel Session:What Technical and Technology Developments are Next: Chair Dr. John Topper

Robert Davidson IEA CCC will provide a list of potential developments before panel members will each be asked to give a brief personal view followed by audience comment and Questions.

Panel Members:
Paul Feron
Paitoon Tontiwachwuthikul
Hallvard Svendsen
Jon Gibbins
Alfons Kather


Wrap Up by Dr. John Topper

13.15 Lunch

14.00 Departure from EVN by Bus 1 back to Hotels and Bus 2 to visit Biomass Gasification Experimental Unit at Durnrohr Coal Fired Power Station (North of Vienna)
We have had to close registration for the technical tour as we have reached capacity.

Additional information:

The workshop will take place at EVN's FORUM which is located at Maria Enzersdorf just outside the southern edge of Vienna

Map to EVN Meeting Venue.

Contact details:

For further information please contact:
John Topper (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Or Sian Twinning (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)