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Technology Collaboration Programme by IEA

The Process of Developing a CO2 Test Injection Experience

Technical Report

1 October 2013


Peter Cook, Rick Causebrook, Karsten Michael, Max Watson

Citation: IEAGHG, "The Process of Developing a CO2 Test Injection Experience", 2013-13, October 2013.

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Publication Overview

This study does not intend to redo work already carried out, but to produce an over-arching document, which follows the process of setting up a test injection. This document would identify gaps in best practice guides as well as point readers towards available information. The document produced would order the steps and processes that the user would need to go through during the management of the test injection; from scoping of the project (including success criteria), site selection, planning, injection and closure. Many of the steps will happen simultaneously, but an order can still be established along with an expected timeline. This would be broad enough to allow for different permitting and legal processes in different countries as well as different site specific technical issues.

Publication Summary

  • Data from 45 small scale projects and 43 large scale projects have been compiled in order to extract learnings and best practice guidelines were reviewed.
  • No project is the same, and there is not a perfect template, however lessons learnt from previous projects can be applied to new projects.
  • There needs to be an agreed and well defined workflow with clear decision points.
  • At a very early stage, there needs to be very clear protocols for data collection, use of samples, input into databases, publication and dissemination of scientific outcomes.
  • Key performance indicators need to be agreed with the regulators so that objectives of monitoring are clear