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At IEAGHG, we produce 12-15 technical reports each year. The topics of these are selected by our members at our bi-annual Executive Committee meetings, work is completed by external groups and managed by the IEAGHG  technical team and are available free of charge to member organisations and countries and cover all aspects of CCS. The reports are an assessment of the current technologies and existing literature with the ambition to inform readers, identify areas for future work and feed into the growing pool of technical knowledge on  CCS that will assist with the implementation of the technology. To compliment these reports and help disseminate the information we produce, we are now running a series of webinars.  The webinars will review the outcomes of both individual studies and/or where we have completed a number of complimentary reports on similar topics, then we will bring these together into one cohesive presentation.

The webinars are recorded and posted to the IEAGHG YouTube chanel, please click the webinar title to view the recording and/or register for upcoming webinars. 





The CO2stCAP Project and Overall Results

Ragnhild Skagestad (SINTEF Industry), Max Bierman (Chalmers University), Anette Mathisen (SINTEF Industry), Jens Wolf (RISE Bioeconomy)

25th June 2019

COP-24 Summary Highlights - An Incomplete Paris Agreement Rule Book Arthur Lee 10th January 2019
CO2 Data Share - Second Webinar James Craig 20th September 2018
CO2 Data Share Consortium Odd Anderson (SINTEF), Philip Ringrose (Equinor) and Grethe Tangen (SINTEF) 24th May 2018
Enabling CCS Industrial Clusters Jasmin Kemper, IEAGHG 27th March 2018
Reflections on UNFCCC COP-23 Arthur Lee, Chevron 12th December 2017
Understanding the Cost of Retrofitting CO2 Capture Rahul Anantharaman and Simon Roussanaly, SINTEF Energy Research 25th October 2017
CO2 Storage Efficiencies in Deep Saline Formations James Craig 9th August 2017
1.5C - Meeting the Challenge of the Paris Agreement Jasmin Kemper 26th April 2017
The Economics of Deploying CCS in SMR Based Stand Alone H2 Plantshe Economics of Deploying CCS in SMR Based Stand Alone H2 Plants Stanley Santos 16th February 2017
CCS in the Pulp and Paper Industry Kristin Onarheim and Peterri Kangas (VTT) 25th January 2017
Impressions and Discussions of COP22 Marrakesh Arthur Lee 8th December 2016
CCS Cost trends and OutlookCS Cost trends and Outlook Howard Herzog and Ed Rubin 27th October 2016
Can CO2 capture and storage unlock ‘unburnable carbon’ Jasmin Kemper 13th October 2016
Fault Zone Permeability and its importance to CO2 storage James Craig 7th September 2016
Emissions Accounting for CO2-EOR Jasmin Kemper 24th March 2016
A reflection on COP21 and CCS  Tim Dixon 29th February 2016
Oxy-Combustion Turbines John Davison 27th January 2016
IJGGC Special Issue John Gale 24th November 2015
Integrated CCS Project at SaskPower's Boundary Dam Carolyn Preston, CKP & Associates 4th November 2015
Offshore Monitoring for CO2Storage: Current status, challenges and future direction James Craig 28th October 2015
Biomass with CCS: A Review at the Systems Level Jasmin Kemper 26th August 2015
CCS in the Process Industries: An Overview to the Different Challenges and Opportunities Stanley Santos 24th June 2015