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Update on the Shand Power Station CCS Feasibility Study by the International CCS Knowledge Centre

Recently I wrote about the update from the International CCS Knowledge Centre during GHGT-14 on the Shand facilities and how the learnings from BD3 were applied (see ). Today, the same team released the Shand CCS Feasibility Study at a press conference ...
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Learnings from Boundary Dam applied to Shand power station

  During GHGT-14, we had several presentations from the International CCS Knowledge Centre. The attendees had the opportunity to know more about the Shand SaskPower's power station and how the learnings from BD3 are being applied in the capture and storage systems design. Brent Jacobs presented the Shand coal fired power plant integrating the ...
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Telling the Norwegian CCS Story, Part I: The Path for Sustainable and Emission Free Waste Management

I attended this morning the presentation given by Jannicke Bjerkas, organised by GCCSI. She highlighted the last update on the Special Report on the global warming of 1.5°C (IPCC) and the "rush" we are at the moment to reach the global emissions goals. The time to think on the best sectors to cut down CO 2 emissions is gone and we have to do everyt...
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New IEAGHG Technical Review; 2018-TR03 Cost of CO2 capture in the industrial sector: cement and iron and steel industries

Several studies on the technical and economic feasibility of carbon capture technologies in the cement and iron and steel sectors have been published. However, most of those do not contain detailed information on the cost methodology and/or the data and assumptions underlying the analysis. Transparent communication of cost of CO 2 capture systems i...
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Update on National Carbon Capture Center (FE0022596)

Tony Wu presented recently in the NETL CO 2 capture review meeting in Pittsburgh (August, 2018) the activities in the National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC). Between 2014 and 2020, the DOE and industrial sponsors will invest $187.5 million to cut down costs on CO 2 capture through R&D activities. The main advantages of those testing facilities a...
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2018 NETL CO2 Capture Technology Project Review Meeting

Once again, I had the pleasure to attend the 2018 NETL CO 2 Capture Technology Project Review Meeting, which took place in Pittsburgh from the 13 th to the 17 th August. This event was packed with the last advances made in the NETL funded projects. Please see the following information papers containing further information: ​ 2018-IP29; 2018 NE...
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CATO Conference - Implementing CCUS in the Netherlands

CATO invited national and international stakeholders on the 6 th June to convene, inform one another, and share knowledge on recent advances on CCS in The Netherlands. The event covered both policy relevant topics and project developments. While Europe is committed to implement CCS, a firm strategy including the business case is still needed. Natio...
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BD3 CCS Integrated Facility - Technical Capabilities

CTCN and the International CCS Knowledge Centre delivered a webinar on the 11 th April as update on the Carbon Capture and Storage facilities integrated in the Boundary Dam power plant in Canada. Emma Hannula, from CTCN, introduced Corwyn Bruce, who presented an overview of BD3 (Boundary Dam Unit 3), which is emitting 120-140 tCO 2 /GWh (as referen...
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UKCCSRC biannual meeting: Delivering the new CCS agenda

Once again, the UKCCSRC has held their biannual meeting, which took place in the University of Cambridge during 26-27 th March. UKCCSRC leads and coordinates a programme of underpinning research on all aspects of CCS in support of basic science and UK government efforts on energy and climate change. This initiative receives support from the EPSRC a...
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Second ECRA/CEMCAP Workshop - CCS in the Cement Industry

  CEMCAP held its second ECRA/CEMCAP workshop in Dusseldorf, Germany, on the 7 th November. CEMCAP is a collaborative project funded by the H2020 program which aims to increase the TRL of carbon capture systems applied to the cement industry and decrease the costs associated. Within the innovative concepts under development, we can find new co...
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CO2STCAP- Partial Capture on Industrial Sources

  As part of the CO 2 STCAP project, last week I went to the review meeting in Stockholm. Concurring with this, the 4 th October was the Cinnamon Buns Day in Sweden and we celebrated both, the last advances on the project and such a nice local pastry. This project, funded by the CLIMIT program, Swedish Energy Agency and participant partners, i...
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5th CCS Cost Network Workshop (13th-14th September 2017)

  The 5 th Cost Network Meeting took place in Imperial College London, chaired by John Gibbins, from UKCCSRC. With the presence of a varied scientific community, once again this workshop was full of valuable presentations. The meeting was divided in two days, starting with a review on the UK studies and large CCS projects. From those sessions,...
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PCCC4: 4th Post-Combustion-Capture-Conference, organised by IEAGHG

IEAGHG organised the fourth Post Combustion Capture Conference (PCCC4) in Birmingham, Alabama, supported by NCCC. The event attracted 110 attendees from 16 countries and included two visits to full-scale Carbon Capture facilities, the NCCC and Kemper sites. PCCC-4 opened with a visit to the NCCC facilities, where we were lucky to see the membrane-b...
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NETL CO2 Capture Technology Review Meeting, 21-25 August 2017

As it does annually at this time of year, NETL chose Pittsburgh to host the 2017 review of the results and future plans of CO 2 capture technology projects that currently receive funding from the US Department of Energy's Office of Fossil Energy. With the DOE having some involvement in the vast majority of research and development on CO 2 capture i...
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I attended the TCCS-9 conference by NCCS – International CCS Research Centre under auspices of NTNU and SINTEF. This conference takes place every two years since 2003 and run for two days in Trondheim. A total of 115 presentations and 10 keynotes were delivered, and topics covered carbon capture, transport, storage and utilization. Cross-cutting is...
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Residual Trapping – what happens after CO2 injection?

  A total of 10 talks discussing trapping mechanisms for CO 2 were presented at GHGT-13 on Tuesday. This included new research from Stanford University (Charlotte Garing et al.) which demonstrated, through micro-CT imaging experiments, the residual trapping effects that occur at pore-scale within the reservoir (and the impact of capillary pres...
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Calculating CO2 storage resource – which way is the right way?

As part of the Risk Assessment session held at GHGT-13, Scott Frailey from the Illinois State Geological Survey spoke about the issues surrounding the variety of techniques currently used to calculate storage resource and their associated uncertainties. He announced that The Society of Petroleum Engineers CCS Technical Section is forming a multi‐so...
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