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The IEAGHG Weekly News is a popular resource available to all and is sent every Wednesday to those on the IEAGHG mailing list. Giving brief summaries of the main stories, the Weekly News then allows readers to access the original article and source via a hyperlink.



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The Programme invites staff, Members and other friends of the organisation to send in relevant articles and stories that they feel are suitable to share with the IEAGHG audience.

The criteria for topics covered in the Weekly News submissions includes:

  • Greenhouse gas related international climate policy developments;
  • International and regional agreements on CCS regulations and standards etc.;
  • Financing indicatives such as the EU ETS or carbon taxes;
  • The influence of financial incentives on market take-up;
  • New developments on low carbon technology implementation in regions of the world or specific, including CO2 utilisation opportunities and the resulting impacts;
  • Issues pertaining to technology implementation of all low carbon technologies; public acceptance, market stimuli etc.;
  • Developments in CCS demonstration;
  • New technology breakthroughs on CCS to lower cost – and other low carbon technologies that would affect comparative costs;
  • Developments in broader low carbon technologies, such as geoengineering carbon reduction options, carbon footprints of unconventional gas etc.; and
  • Potential timelines for commercially deploying CCS technology and the evolution of CCS cost and performance over time.

If you have a story or article that you think would be of interest to IEAGHG subscribers or would like to subscribe, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..