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IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme


Date: 3 December, 11:30-13:00

Location: COP28 Blue Zone SE1 room 175

Organisers: University of Texas, IEAGHG, Bellona, CCSA, International CCS Knowledge Centre.


Theme: CO2 creation is unavoidable in the cement production process. However, “CCS is less mature in cement production, where it is a critical mitigation option” (IPCC SYR 2023). Can the CCS developments in developed economies mature the technology to help the cement sector in developing economies?


·        Tim Dixon, IEAGHG- – Moderator and scene-setting

·        Brad Crabtree (tbc), Assistant Secretary at the US Department of Energy - Welcome

·        Dr Katherine Romanak, University of Texas – Experience in storage for CO2 from cement

·        Claude Lorea, Global Cement and Concrete Association – Global roadmap for net zero cement

·        Ruth Herbert, CCSA – Decarbonising cement projects in UK CCS clusters

·        Beth Hardy-Valiaho, International CCS Knowledge Centre – Decarbonising cement projects in Canada and a new industry handbook

·        Jonas Helseth / Lina Strandvåg Nagell, Bellona – Decarbonising cement projects in Central and Eastern Europe, the CCS4CEE project.

·        Emerging Economy perspective – tbc

·        Questions from audience