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Background to the Study


On the 26th January 2021, a virtual event was held for the IEAGHG Monitoring Network, an expertise showcase for post-closure monitoring. 63 attendees joined the webinar, in addition to 19 panellists and 2 IEAGHG support staff.  


This  was  a  little  different  from  usual  webinars,  whereby  the  Steering  Committee  aimed  for  a more 
interactive  and informal experience  for the audience with a scenario-based exercise. Experts in the area  of  post-closure  monitoring  were  invited  prior  to  the  webinar  to  propose  how  they  would approach a post-closure monitoring plan for a given hypothetical CO2 storage site. These hypothetical proposals  were  presented  to  the webinar  audience  (who  were  acting  as  the  site  developer)  and following  questions  and  discussion  from  the IEAGHG  Monitoring  Network  Steering  Committee,  the audience  was  invited  to  vote  on  which  technologies they  would  choose  as  a  developer  for  this hypothetical site. 

The report is available to download.