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 2018 Presentations

Presentation Title Meeting Title Presenter Date
Update on the Paris Agreement and Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) BEG, University of Texas Tim Dixon 26/01/2018

Impact of the Gulf Coast Carbon Center (and IEAGHG) on the Global CCUS Scene –
Offshore example

NAESB Tim Dixon 31/01/2018
ISO TC 265 – ‘Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transportation and Geological Storage’ NAESB Tim Dixon 02/02/2018
Environmental impact of amine-based plants International Amine Emissions Workshop, Tokyo Monica Garcia 15/02/2018
Biomass with carbon capture and storage (BECCS/Bio-CCS) Bioenergy Lecture, Imperial College London Jasmin Kemper 10/03/2018
Overview of IEAGHG CCUS Activities & CCUS Developments in Europe Total CCUS Short Conference  John Gale 27/03/2018
Regulatory Transboundary Developments for CCS Cascadia Project Regulatory Workshop New York (by remote) Tim Dixon 19/04/2018
Update Report from IEAGHG CSLF Technical Group, Venice Tim Dixon & James Caig 23/04/2018
Progress towards the Paris Agreement targets and the CO2 storage contribution CO2GeoNet Open Forum, 24-25 April 2018, San Servolo Island, Venice James Craig 24/04/2018
Welcome to Meeting 3rd International Workshop, Oslo, Norway Tim Dixon  03/05/2018
London Protocol and Norway and EOR.  Some reflections 3rd Offshore CCS Workshop Tim Dixon 04/05/2018
Overview of the Water-Energy-CCS Nexus Addressing the Energy-Water Nexus through R&D Planning & Policies - Experts’ Group on R&D Priority Setting and Evaluation (EGRD) Monica Garcia 28/05/2018
GHG TCP Status Report 74th WPFF John Gale 04/06/2018
Introduction Modelling and Risk Management Network Meeting James Craig 18/06/2018
Summary of Meeting Modelling and Risk Management Network Meeting James Craig 22/06/2018
Update Report from IEAGHG ISO 2018, Paris Lydia Rycroft on behalf of Tim Dixon 05/07/2018
Global Update on CCUS and Higher Capture Rates 2018 NETL CO2 Capture Technology Project Review Meeting Tim Dixon 13/08/2018