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IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

NETL: Best Practices for: Geologic Storage Formation Classification: Understanding Its Importance and Impacts on CCS Opportunities in the United States 4.5MB

NETL: Best Practices for: Terrestrial Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide 4MB

NETL: Best Practices for: Site Screening, Site Selection and Initial Characterisation for Storage of CO2 in Deep Geologic Formations 3MB

ARI: Optimisation of CO2 Storage in CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects 2MB

USDOE: CCS RD&D Roadmap 0.5MB

USDOE: Carbon Sequestration Atlas of the United States and Canada Third Edition 38MB

USDOE: Carbon Sequestration Program Accomplishments 2008-2009 (published Nov 2010) 1.2MB 

You may be interested in the link above which relates to a development from the Scottish CCS centre that has developed, with GCCSI support, a simple to use tool kit for countries to test if the regulations are suitable for granting CCS demonstration projects.