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Technical Session 4

Time Session Paper
Toward Commercialisation of Oxyfuel Technology
16.05 4A

The Current State of Oxyfuel Technology: Demonstrations and Technical Barriers: Terry Wall, Newcastle University, Australia

16.25 4A

Overview of a Manufacturer's Efforts to Commercialise Oxy-Combustion for Steam Power Plants: John Marion, Alstom Power Inc., USA

16.45  4A

Development of OxyCoal Technology - Results from Testing Conducted at Doosan Babcock's CCTF and Application to Demonstration Projects: Bupesh Dhungel, Doosan Babcock, UK

17.05 4A

Oxyfuel Power Plant Design: Retrofit Options for Different Fuels:Klaus-Dieter Tigges, Hitachi Power Europe GmbH, Germany

17.25 4A

700 MWe Oxycombustion Reference Plant Performance and Costs: Denny MacDonald, Babcock and Wilcox, USA

Oxyfuel Burner Development
16.05 4B

Study of Hg and SO3 Behaviour in Flue Gas of Oxyfuel Combustion System: Yoshiaki Mitsui, Babcock Hitachi KK, Japan

16.25 4B

Transformation of Mineral Matter and Emission of Toxic Heavy Metals During Oxyfuel Combustion: Yong Sun, Monash University, Australia

16.45 4B Experimental Study on Mercury Release Behaviour and Speciation During Coal Combustion in Air and Oxy-Firing: Hong Yao, Huazhong University, China
17.05 4B

CFD Modelling of Mercury Behaviour in Air-Coal and Oxy-Coal Combsution Systems: Alessandro Pratzitelli, Leeds University, UK

17.25 4B


Material Development & Corrosion Issues
16.05 4C

Influence of Oxy-Coal on Fly Ash Transformations and Corrosion Behaviour of Heat-Exchangers: Jörg Maier, IFK University of Stuttgart, Germany

16.25 4C

An Investigation into the Likely Impact of Oxy-Coal Retrofit on FireiSide Corrosion Behaviour in Utility Boilers: Andrew Fry, Reaction Engineering, USA

16.45 4C

Corrosion and Corrosion protection in Oxyfuel Power Plants: Axel Kranzmann, BAM, Germany

17.05 4C

Development of Boiler Material for Oxy-Combustion Retrofits: Archie Robertson, Foster Wheeler North America, USA

17.25 4C

Corrosion of Candidate Superheater Materials During Oxyfuel Conditions and Laboratory Investigations: Jörg Maier, IFK University of Stuttgart, Germany