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IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

The 1st IEAGHG-GCCSI Student Mentoring Programme was hosted at International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT-10) at the RAI, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from the 19th to the 23rd of September 2010.  This Programme is an extension of the IEAGHG International Interdisciplinary CCS Summer School by providing a mentored student program at GHGT conferences for students to build their expertise in CO2 capture and storage and to encourage international collaboration.  Eleven students from seven non-OECD countries and twelve students from ten European countries participated in the Programme.  This International Student Mentoring Programme had students from various different backgrounds including students researching economics, social science, engineering and geochemistry.

The Programme began with an introductory session to ensure all students had a grounding in CCS before entering the overwhelming conference; and following this introductory session the students gave excellent presentations about their own research area.  The Introductory Session presentations are provided below (N.B. not all students produced powerpoint presentations).  All the students were provided with a detailed personalised programme for the week, guiding them to the key presentations in their own field of interest, as well as key talks outside their area of interest to ensure a full appreciation of the full chain of carbon dioxide capture and storage and more novel greenhouse gas control technologies.  In between technical sessions, students joined expert mentors at ask-a-mentor sessions, where each day mentors and students discussed and debated the papers presented at the conference.

Student Mentoring Programme Opening Session
IEAGHG Welcome to GHGT-10 Mentoring Programme 1MB Ameena Camps, IEAGHG
IEAGHG Overview 0.7MB Ludmilla Basava-Reddi, IEAGHG
GCCSI Welcome to GHGT-10 Mentoring Programme 1MB Meade Harris, GCCSI
Introduction to Carbon Dioxide Capture & Storage
CCS Introduction & Storage Overview 4.6MB John Kaldi, CO2CRC
CO2 Capture Overview 2.6MB Stanley Santos, IEAGHG 
CO2 Transport Introduction 1.2MB Mike Haines, IEAGHG 
International CCS Regulations and Policy 0.3MB Brendan Beck, IEA
Public Perception and Communication 0.5MB Lori Gauvreau, Schlumberger
Student Presentations
Thanawat Aryusanil, Chulalongkorn University 0.3MB

Sevtac Bulbul, Middle East Technical University (METU) 0.5MB

Arijit Das, Jawaharlal Nehru University 0.1MB
Zsófia Fodor, University of Pannonia 0.5MB
Jubao Gao, Tsinghua University 0.2MB

Claus Hartmann, University of Flensburg 0.1MB

Utomo Patrama Iskandarm University of Indonesia 1.8MB
Benoît Issautier, ADEME-BRGM, France 0.7MB
Shu Luo, Tsinghua University 0.4MB
Architesh Panda, Institute For Social and Economic Change 0.9MB
Marquitos Luis Roces, Technolux, Philippines 1.8MB
Olga Velts, Tallinn University of Technology 0.2MB

Amit Kumar Verma, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) 0.7MB

Ond?ej Vopi?ka, Institute of Chemical Technology Prague 0.3MB

Shan Zhou, Tsinghua University 0.5MB