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IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

  1. Experiments in a Once-through Furnace Simulating Different Extents of Recycle Gas Cleaning in Coal-fired Oxy-fuel Combustion: Behaviour of Mercury:
    Reinhold Spörl, Jörg Maier, IFK - Institute of Combustion and Power Plant Technology, Universität Stuttgart; Lawrence Belo, Kalpit Shah, Rohan Stanger, Terry Wall, Chemical Engineering, The University of Newcastle

  2. CO2 Quality Control by Scrubbing in Oxy-fuel Combustion: An Evaluation of Operational pH Impacts, and Prediction of SO2 Absorption Rate:
    Dunyu Liu, Terry Wall, Rohan Stanger, Yinghui Liu, Chemical Engineering, the University of Newcastle

  3. Design of Steam Cycle for Oxy-combustion Coal based Power Plants with an emphasis on Heat Integration:
    R. Soundararajana, T. Gundersen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Dep. Energy and Process Engineering; R. Anantharaman, SINTEF Energy Research

  4. Particle Behavior of Solid Fuels under Oxy-fuel Conditions:
    Christopher Thiel, Martin Pohl, Michael Beckmann, Technische Universität Dresden, Institute of Power Engineering; Thomas Herzog, Wolfgang Spiegal, CheMin GmbH

  5. Vertical Solids Suspension Distribution under Air/Carbon Dioxide Conditions in 

    a Circulating Fluidized Bed:
    Maciej Komorowski, Pawel Mirek, Wojciech Nowakc, Institute of Advanced Energy Technologies, Czestochowa University of Technology

  6. Reliable and Efficient Combustion of Oxygen/Coal/Recycled Flue Gas Mixtures (RELCOM): 
    Steve Wilcox, University of Glamorgan, Faculty of Advanced Technology; Neil Fricker, University of Glamorgan,

  7. FLEXI BURN CFB - Development of Hjosir Efficiency CFB Technology to Provide Flexible Air/Oxy Operation for Power Plant with CCS:
    Antti Tourunen, Toni Pikkarainen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

  8. Control Strategy of the Transition Process for the 3MWth Oxyfuel Full Chain System in China:
    Luo Wei, Liu Zhaohui, Huang Xiaohong, Zhang Tai, Wang Qiao, Zheng Chuguang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

  9. Comparison of Cryogenic Air Separation Processes Based on Energetic and Exergetic Criteria:
    Hayato Hagia, EDF R&D, Fluid Dynamics Power Generation and Environment Department and MINES ParisTech, DEP - Department of Energy and Processes; Yann Le Moullec, EDF R&D, Fluid Dynamics Power Generation and Environment Department; Chakib Bouallou, MINES ParisTech, DEP - Department of Energy and Processes

  10. Oxy-fuel Combustion Demonstration Facility with Flue Gas Recirculation for Burner Evaluation:
    Chendhil Periasamya, Vijaykant Sadasivunia, Ken Kaisera, Scott Liedela, Rong Fana, Jiefu Ma, Air Liquide, Delaware Research and Technology Center; Niomar Marcano, Patrick Recourt, Remi Tsiava, Air Liquide, Claude Delorme Research Center
  11. Thermodynamic Performance and NOx Emission Characteristic in Syngas-dedicated Gas Turbine in IGCC Power Plant:
    Hyeon-Jeong Kim, On Nu-ri Won, Gyung-Min Choi, Duck-Jool Kim, Pusan Natioanl University

  12. Influence of Fluidizing Gas Composition on Combustion and NOx Emission:
    Carlos Lupiañez, Isabel Guedea, Irene Bolea, Luis I. Díez, Luis M. Romeo, CIRCE – Center of Research of Energy Resources and Consumptions

  13. Coal Char Gasification in O2/Ar, Ar/CO2 and O2/CO2 Environments:
    Hirotatsu Watanabea, Li Xiaofana, Ken Okazaki, Tokyo Institute of Technology

  14. Experimental Study of a New Hybrid CO2 Capture Configuration:
    K. E. Zanganeh, A. Shafeen, A. Beigzadeh, C. Salvador, M. Abbassi, CanmetENERGY, Natural Resources Canada

  15. Carbonation of Ash Deposits During Oxy-coal Combustion:
    Zhonghua Zhan, Jost O.L. Wendt, Department of Chemical Engineering and Institute for Clean and Secure Energy, University of Utah

  16. Effects of Directed Pure O2 Injection on Flame Stability in Co-axial Oxy-fuel Turbulent Diffusion Flames:
    Dadmehr Rezaei, Jost O.L. Wendt, Department of Chemical Engineering and Institute for Clean and secure Energy, University of Utah

  17. Efficiency Assessments of Pressurized Oxy-Coal Power Generation with Integrated Flue Gas Heat Recovery:

    Hou-Tsen Chena, Deparment of Mechanical Engineering and Research Center for Energy Technology and Strategy National Cheng Kung University and Ming-Hsun Wua, Deparment of Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University

  18. Influence of Water Vapour Concentration on Pulverized Coal Oxyfuel Combustion Process with Flue Gas Recirculation:

    Bartosz Świątkowski, Paweł Bocian, Ewa Marek, Institute of Power Engineering,Department of Thermal Processes
  19. Development of an Advanced, Elevated Pressure, Oxy-fuel Power Plant with CO2 capture:
    Mark Fitzsimmons, Pratt&Whitney Rocketdyne; Martin Kibili, Alexander Alekseev, Stevan Jovanovic, Linde Group, Clean Energy and Innovation Management

  20. Ignition Modeling of Single Coal Particle Under Oxy-fuel Combustion:
    Huang Xiaohong, Yang Ming, Liu Zhaohui, Pi Ligang, Zheng Chuguang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

  21. Dynamic Simulation on the Transition Process of the 3MWth Oxyfuel Full Chain System:
    Luo Wei, Liu Zhaohui, Huang Xiaohong, Zhang Tai, Wang Qiao, Zheng Chuguang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

  22. Large Eddy Simulation of a 100 kWth Oxy-coal Swirl Burner:
    B.M. Franchetti, F. Cavallo Marincola, S. Navarro-Martinez, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London; S. Black, M. Pourkashanian, CFD Centre/ETII, Faculty of Engineering, University of Leeds; A.M. Kempf, Universitat Duisburg-Essen

  23. Coal Dust Ignition Experiments for Oxyfuel Safety:
    Ignacio Trabadela, Jon Gibbins, Institute for Materials and Processes, School of Engineering, university of Edinburgh; Hannah Chalmers, Institute for Energy Systems, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh

  24. EU project - Optimization of oxygen-based CFBC technology with CO2 capture (O2GEN):
    LM Romeo, CIRCE; R Kuivalainen, FWEOY; JP Tranier, Air Liquide; M Gómez, CIUDEN; A Sánchez-Biezma, ENDESA; A Tourunen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland; B Navarrete, Universidad de Sevilla; JL Bayort, INERCO; P Gimondo, CSM; R Bialecki, Politechnika Slaska SUT; T Hyppänen, LUT

  25. Influence of CO2 and Oxygen Enriched Oxidizer in Natural Gas Combustion:
    E. Karagianni,  K. J. Hughes, D. Ingham, A. Pranzitelli, M. Pourkashanian, Energy Technology and Innovation Initiative (ETII), Faculty of Engineering, University of Leeds

  26. New Solvents for Carbon Dioxide Capture by Means of Chemical Absorption:
    A. García-Abuín, D. Gómez-Díaz*, J.M. Navaza, Department of Chemical Engineering. ETSE

  27. Research on Potential Environmental Impacts of Oxy-fuel Combustion at EPA:
    Chun Wai Lee, William Linak, National Risk Management Research Laboratory, U.S. Environmental protection Agency; Christopher K. Winterrowd, ARCADIS U.S. Inc; Myrrha Andersen, Department of Mechanical and Aerospcae Engineering, North Carolina University

  28. SO2 Absorption from Oxy‐Combustion Flue Gases:
    Ruth Diego, Miguel A. Delgado, Manuel Gómez, Tomás Coca, Pedro Otero, Fundación Ciudad de la Energia (CIUDEN); Frederick Lockwood, Ludovic Granados, Vanessa Turmel, Air Liquide

  29. Oxy‐Combustion Model and Numerical Simulation in Pulverized Coal Flames:
    A. Bermúdez, I. Constenla, Departamento de Matemática Aplicada, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela; Ruth Diego, J.L. Ferrína, Benito Navarrete, Pedro Otero, Jesús Ramos, CIUDEN; L. Saavedra, Departamento de Matemática Aplicada Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  30. Chemical Challenges to Metallic and Ceramic Materials in Oxyfuel Co‐Firing CFB Combustors:
    M.C. Mayoral, J.M. Andrés, M.P. Gimeno, L.I. Díez, Instituto de Carboquímica – CSIC

  31. Effect of Recirculated SO2 on Soot Formed from Ethylene Pyrolysis. Application of Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR) Techniques:
    María Abián, Ángela Millera, Rafael Bilbao, María Alzueta, Aragón Institute of Engineering Research (I3A), University of Zaragoza

  32. Heat Fluxes of Interacting Swirled Coal Flames:
    Maximilian Blume, Andreas Bamgartner, Adrian Goanta, Pedro Dias, Technische Universität München - Institute for Energy Systems; Hartmut Spliethoff, Technische Universität München - Institute for Energy Systems and Zentrum für Angewandte Energieforschung (ZAE Bayern)