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67 Sian-Twinning webIn order to keep up with the 21st century, IEAGHG have been developing their social media presence for some time now, with a Facebook page, Twitter feed and monitoring activities of discussions on LinkedIn. The next stage in this process is to establish a blog on the IEAGHG website. Planning for this has been ongoing for some time now, and we are now in a position to launch this activity. We will shortly be adding the first blog entry, and following this launch, we will feature blogs from IEAGHG staff, as well as guest bloggers and researchers from around the world. The blog will cover subjects as diverse as the activities we take part in, from research networks to technical studies, international conferences to small specialist workshops. Any topic that deserves attention and discussion can be included, and we would like to hear from anyone who would like to suggest possible topics, or who would like to contribute. All blog entries will be moderated by the Communications Team at IEAGHG for content, and appropriateness, but we would strongly encourage participation and discussion of the topics covered. In order to comment on the blogs, you will need to be a registered user of the IEAGHG website; registration is free, and can be completed here.

Anyone wishing to contribute or suggest ideas should contact Becky Kemp, Communications Manager on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +44 (0)1242 802879.