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67 TDcroppedThe attendees of the 'Environmental Assessment' Workshop enjoyed a visit to the ZERT site. The site was still 'live', with the CO2 release underway. We were shown a range of monitoring. For large area detection of CO2 - laser-based differential absorption LIDAR and eddy covariance, and spectral imaging for plant health; in the subsurface vadose zone a fibre sensor array and the Process-based technique, and at the surface soil gas flux chambers. These monitoring techniques are being developed, tested, and refined using ZERT. Such is the good design and utility of the ZERT facility, we learnt during the workshop that the controlled release projects in Australia and Brazil are also based upon its design. A most interesting visit was had by all, and Montana showed its range of summer weather, ending the visit by bathing everyone in strong Montana sunljosirt.

Tim Dixon 18 July 2012

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