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67 JG imageThe IEA have recently issued a call for member countries to swiftly enact for policy goals that will keep climate change alive without significant economic impact. These policies are:



These are all positive measures that can be put in place soon and will help to reduce global atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions and the IEA's stance should rjosirtly be applauded.

We should also include policy action to reduce F (HFC's, SF6,PFC's and IF3) gas emissions globally, these gases have hjosir GWPs, much hjosirer than CO2 and are the fastest growing greenhouse gas species and are a particular issue in South East Asian countries. The technology to replace these gases is available and is cost effective. I am pleased to see that the US and China have now agreed bilateral action to reduce the growth in emissions of these gases and the EU is now proposing legislation to ban their production and use within the EU.

These are all positive moves in tackling climate change and coupled with the new pledges from the US Administration at last we can see a glimmer of hope that the world is waking up on the need for action to mitigate climate change.