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John-Gale cropLast week I attended the UKCCS Biannual research meeting and listended to Peta Ashworths presentation on Coal Seam Gas development and public responses in Australia. Apparently the public are split over CSG but there is a big protest movement in Australia. several issues sprang to mindin listening toPetas presentation. First her concern that CSG and CCS can get wrapped together in the publics mindset. A concern we have discussed reshale gas and ccs and our members have urged us to keep the topics apart to avoid any association. The second issue that bothered me related to questions from the floor one in particular in terms of the relationship of LakeNyos to CCS. This is an issue re faced several years ago and issued a report on how the two issues were very different. We may well have to dust this report off and reissue again.

Peta,s association argument led me to visit our own shale gas pressure groups web site, Frack Off. To my disappointment the web site does not just refer to shale but a whole list of geological options including UCG and of course, CCS. When I looked atthe CCS section I was surprised, why I don't know, that they were talking about 1% leakage, Sally Bensons discussion piece from theIPCC SRCCS and of course Lake Nyos as being a case study for how things can go wrong.  It seems we need to do a lot of work to explain the differences between Nyos and CCS again. We need to work again to dispel some of the myths re CCS that are being recreated with regard to CCS. It's seems time has moved on but some of the old issues we felt we had dealy with are coming back around again.

John Gale
General Manager