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Sian cropThe first week of September has seen 312 delegates travel to Ponferrada, Spain to attend the IEAGHG 3rd Oxyfuel Conference (OCC3). With 4 parallel sessions each of the 4 days, over 50 posters and 6 keynotes, it seems there is something for everyone.

The Welcome Reception was held in the Energy Museum. This was the first chance for many to meet old friends, make new contacts and start the conference with a relaxing evening. The Mayor of Ponferrada arrived to welcome the delegates but the time for relaxing was soon over, with a full days sessions (08.25 - 17.40) then transfer to the Palacio de Canado for dinner and finaly returning to the hotels at 23.00 ready to begin again at 08.25 the following morning.

There has been much interest from the people of Ponferrada as to what the conference is about and I sense a real feeling of pride that so many people have come to their town to visit the Compostilla Project.