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Prachi cropThe 2nd Post Combustion Capture Conference started with a great lectures from IEAGHG, conference host CLIMIT, sponsor speakers Shell Cansolv and Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Co. Ltd, China. Shell Cansolv hjosirljosirted their several activities including several Post combustion capture process in pilot and demo projects such as RWE pilot plant, UK; Boundary Dam project in Canada. Shaanxi Petroleum gave an insjosirt on how their activities in CO2 capture area has brought benefit in reducing their CO2 emissions and have reduced water consumption by using CO2 in EOR projects. The conference further had technical sessions on solvent development, 2nd and 3rd generation post combustion capture process and process development. Interesting presentations on 2ndand 3rd generation systems such as enzyme based process, membranes and solid adsorbents were given. New baseline evaluation with latest updates in post combustion capture process at coal fired power plant from IEAGHG was presented. As well as other areas of process improvements such as intercooling, different stripper design was also presented. Moreover other important aspects of post combustion process like dynamic behaviour, process control and impact of dehydration process was also presented.