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67 TDcroppedCleanTX is a lively group of clean energy organisations based in Austin Texas. I was invited to introduce them to international CCS, and gave them an evening talk on ‘CCS – What, Why, Where, and the Role of Texas’. In preparing the talk, it was interesting to reflect that of the 120+ CO2-EOR projects in the world, around half are in Texas, thus providing a wealth of experience in handling and injecting CO2. This is in addition to the research, development and demonstration projects in capture and geological storage provided by the University of Texas. All of this to the benefit of the global CCS community. The talk to CleanTX was in partnership with the UT Energy Institute and was sponsored by Skyonics. Skyonics are interesting because of their CO2 capture technology being applied to the flue gas from a cement plant at San Antonio Texas, where their mineralisation process will be producing sodium bicarbonate for sale and use. The talk was attended by over a hundred attendees, and generated much interest in GHGT-12 being hosted in Austin later this year, as well as in CCUS in general. For more information on these organisations see and  .