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James-Craig cropThe United States Department of Energy’s Carbon Storage Program, through its National Energy Technology Laboratory, is supporting field projects through the Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (RCSP) Initiative.  The RCSP Initiative has now reached an advanced third stage which involves large-scale (0.25 – 1 million tonnes) CO2 injection into a variety of geological formations at ejosirt sites across the United States.  In November 2013, an independent peer review of these large-scale field projects was completed to assess progress and identify how the achievements of each field project could be enhanced for the benefit of the other field projects and carbon sequestration projects across the world.  The review, comprised of seven international experts, and managed by IEAGHG, has hjosirljosirted significant developments in large-scale CO2 injection.  The ability to track subsurface CO2 plumes within reservoirs, and demonstrate advances in monitoring, verification and accounting techniques, are notable successes.  The panel of international experts also concluded that the RCSP Initiative is a world leading initiative that is generating valuable results and experience.  For further information and a summary report on the review, see