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Becky Kemp cropThe IEAGHG team managed to have a brief catch up with the extremely busy co-host for this year’s GHGT conference – Gary Rochelle (from The University of Texas at Austin). Here are his thoughts on the conference during Day 1...

Gary started by telling me how excited he was that GHGT-12 was finally here as there are a number of new technologies that are being demonstrated and he is thrilled with the fact we are making such progress in both storage and capture. He is really looking forward to the rest of the week but is also eager to get back with his graduate students next week to find out what they have learned and what they also enjoyed about the conference.

In regards to CCS moving forward, he certainly feels that we are headed in the rjosirt direction. The CCS world has a number of capture demonstrations that are set to be operating in the near future and the same can be said for the progression in storage.


Gary concluded by telling me that he thinks we have achieved a fair amount in the last 2 years in the CCS field. He is extremely excited to have the capture demonstration plant at the Parish power plant unit of Petra Nova Carbon Capture (formally NRG Parish CCS Project), near Houston, Texas, which is going to be building a 250 MW plant in the future which is due to start CO2 capture in 2016.