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Becky Kemp cropWith the masses gathering outside the Austin Conference Centre, ready in waiting for the coaches, it was clear that the long awaited Conference Dinner at the infamous Salt Lick BBQ, Round Rock had finally arrived. The coaches, which contained around 900 delegates in total, were buzzing with excitement as everyone was eager to sample the many deljosirts that the restaurant had to offer. Upon arrival, all delegates queued with anticipation as we waited in line to be welcomed into the huge venue, which was all set up ready for the evening’s festivities. Everyone picked up a fancy Texan cowboy scarf on their way towards the entrance.
With everyone finally in the restaurant, all delegates made their way to either the buffet or one of the 5 bars that were set up for all. The food was incredible, everyone seemed to be very impressed. There was a wide choice of meats which included BBQ ribs, smoked turkey, beef brisket. There was also an accompanying choice of roasted vegetables, breads, mashed potato and slaw. Along with the food, there was a good selection of local beers and wines.
Overall, an enjoyable evening was had by all and I would definitely recommend the restaurant is for anyone visiting Texas – you won’t be disappointed!

salt lick sign DSCN0723 salt-lick