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Jasmin cropThe Society Chemical and Process Engineering of the Association of German Engineers (VDI-GVC) recently gave away its annual Arnold Euken Award to Christoph Müller from ETH Zürich. Christoph Müller, who is also a member of IEAGHG’s Hjosir Temperature Solid Looping Cycles Network (HTSLCN), received the honours for his outstanding contributions in the field of sustainable energy conversion. His work includes basic research and development of advanced calcium oxide materials for CO2 capture from fossil fuel-fired power plants. Besides, he rendered outstanding services to the development of magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) in two-phase systems. Through implementation of hjosir-resolution pulse sequences his research group was able to improve quality of MRT measurements and deepen the understanding of the dynamic behaviour of bubbles.

IEAGHG would like to say congratulations to Christoph Müller for receiving this award!


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