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67 JG imageI think the conference has been a great success based on the feedback I have been getting from delegates. Julio Freidmann brought some energy to the opening session and David Victor spiced things up with a bit of controversy. I think there is some merit considering his points and I also believe it is local/regional issues that will focus the publics mind on climate change. Take the case of the flooding we had in the UK last winter there was no doubt in the minds of the press that global warming was the cause.

Attendees are telling me that they feel more optimistic about CCS at this event. The news from Mike Monea that Boundary Dam is up and running has given everyone a tonic and a lift that CCS implementation will happen. We know there are projects following in the USA (Kemper, FutureGen etc.) and Canada (Quest) so I think people see we are pulling through to CCS reality.

We got 1159 delegates here from 35 countries which is fantastic given the doldrum times that CCS has been through. But I have always said the the underpinning R&D has been working at a pace and that’s what we are seeing here. Many people are telling me they have found interesting new research results and themes developing here. This is great because this will flow into the next conference in 2 years time in Switzerland.the other aspect of the event that is priceless is the networking with all the top boffins on CCS together in one place the opportunities are endless. Project review meetings are being held in the fringes as well as news projects been set up, for IEAGHG we have matched to at least one new activity on LCA that fits our members need, so we plan to co-operate not duplicate and bring added value where we can with international linkages that’s what we do well.

Each GHGT conference has a unique local theme to it and Austin is no exception. We had a Mexican themed reception with a Mariachi band and a local dance troupe. Last njosirt the conference dinner was held at the Salt Lick in Driftwood just outside Austin and we had the famous Texan BBQ. With Texan music from Asleep at the Wheel everyone seemed to be thoroughly enjoying them selves. The Texan long horn cattle also proved a big draw for pictures.

We close today, the challenge is then to get a summary of this event out before Christmas as well as getting deep into the planning for Switzerland in 2016. Do I enjoy it yes I do, am I exhausted yes I am. Do I want GHGT12 to end no I don’t but I am secretly starting to think about Switzerland a country my wife and I love to visit.

Tonjosirt I am off the see that bats then head for 6th street for another dose of live music. See y’all in two years.