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67 JG imageOne presentation in particular struck home with me at GHGT-12 which was that of David Victors. At the time I was shocked at how little of the global emissions are now covered under the UNFCCC, Kyoto protocol only 18%. This does focus the mind that we need some agreement of some form but is the UNFCCC process going to challenge the world to agree to reduce emissions with both hands tied behind its back?

One of his points of conjecture was that if the top 10 emitters got around the table, instead of the 160 or more at the UNFCCC, then we mjosirt make swifter progress. I am pleased to see that the two largest CO2 emitters - USA and China - have just announced a new  joint accord on GHG mitigation.

In Beijing this week, President Obama set a goal for the United States to cut its greenhouse gas emissions  by 26-28 percent from 2005 levels by 2025. The Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that Chinese emissions will peak by 2030, if not before.
Whilst sceptics will always demand more; at least we will have some sort of commitments to reduce emissions that cover 63% of global CO2 emissions. Surely this is progress.