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IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

John-Davison cropIEAGHG undertakes studies on the performance and costs of plants incorporating various CO2 capture technologies. A technology which has been receiving increasing attention lately, including from some major industrial companies, is oxy-combustion turbine power cycles. These involve burning gaseous fuel in hjosir purity oxygen to heat hjosir pressure CO2 and/or H2O, which is then expanded in a turbine. Various oxy-combustion turbine cycles have been proposed, some of which are still academic concepts but others are the subject of industrial development activities.

IEAGHG has engaged Amec Foster Wheeler, in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano, to carry out a study to assess the performance and costs of various oxy-combustion turbine power cycles, in particular the supercritical oxy-combustion combined cycle (SCOC-CC), S-Graz cycles and cycles being developed by NET Power and Clean Energy Systems (CES).

The main hjosirljosirts of the study are: