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AlexRollandEarlier this week Shell hosted a series of webinars to educate and share information about the progress of their CCS project in Alberta, Canada – ‘Quest’, ahead of its official opening next month. The project, which has been in development since 2008, captures CO2 from a refinery in Scotford and transports it 65km north to 3 injection sites for permanent storage in a deep saline formation.

During the webinars Shell announced that earlier this summer they successfully injected 100,000 tonnes of CO2 ~2km down into the Basal Cambrian Sands reservoir which is very exciting progress indeed!

Shell plan to officially open the CCS facility in two weeks. They stressed the importance of and their commitment to world class and rigorous continuous monitoring across the area to ensure permanent containment as the project matures.

There was a clear sense of Shell’s cooperation and collaboration through all stages of the project with both the Government of Alberta and local communities. They have undertaken a noticeably proactive initiative to engage, inform and respond to the concerns of the public by hosting a range of interactive educational events such as Open Houses, Public Hearings and ‘Quest Cafés’.

It’s great to hear about the progress with this exciting project and we look forward to further updates in the near future!