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November 6, 2019
Chatou, Paris, France


Carbon sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF), the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IEAGHG), the IEA Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Programme and Equinor are jointly organising a workshop on hydrogen production with CCS November 6, 2019, in Chatou outside Paris, France. The workshop will be held in conjunction with CSLF meetings in Chatou, Paris, November 4&5 (Technical Group meeting) and November 7 (workshop on CCUS in Energy Intensive Industries, EIIs).


The hydrogen workshop will be full day. Its objective is to identify RD&D needs for decarbonised hydrogen. The wanted outcome will be recommendations on decarbonised hydrogen to the CSLF ministers, or Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) CCUS Initiative and Mission Innovation CCUS and Hydrogen Challenge. Another objective is to lay a foundation for further co-operation, e.g. a common task on the topic between IEA Hydrogen TCP, IEA GHG and CSLF.


The targeted audience is primarily scientists and project managers within the field of hydrogen production with CCS, but at the workshop we want also to hear views on the expected, or hoped for, role blue hydrogen can play in a future low-carbon society, and we have invited speakers from IEA, large projects, industry and governments to give some views.


The workshop is based on a report by CSLF from In June 2018 on hydrogen production with CCS, with emphasis on activities in the membership countries. The report can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.



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Registration deadline: October 24, 2019, at 24:00.


The preliminary programme can be found HERE.


Note that the available seats are limited. The receipt for registration is only a confirmation that the registration has been received. The organisers will revert with final confirmation shortly after the deadline.


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