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Poster Session

Poster Number Paper
1 Study of Heat Duty of Catalyst-Aided Amine-based CO2 Capture Process:
Raphael Idem, Univesity of Regina

Computational analysis of Nitrosamine Formation during Amine Based CO2 Capture process with different Groups of Nitrosating Agents (NO-X):
Raphael Idem, Univesity of Regina

3 Technical Evaluation of Implementation of Carbonic Anhydrase in Post-Combustion Carbon Capture:
Maria Gundersen, Technical University of Denmark
4 Predicting Environmental Concentrations of Nitramines from Sorption Potentials to Soils and Dissolved Organic Matter:
Catherine Brecke Gundersen, University of Oslo
5 Selective Exhaust Gas Recirculation in Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plants with Post-Combustion Carbon Capture:
Laura Herraiz, The Univeristy of Edinburgh

CO2 Absorption by Mixtures of [BMIM]BF4 and MEA:
Lingjun Xu, Tsinghua University

7 Reactive Absorption of CO2 with Concentrated Aqueous N,N-Diethylethanolamine Solutions using Stirred Cell Reactor:
Toluwanimi Kolawole, Newcastle University 

Post-Combustion CO2 Capture: Optimization of the Absorption-Regeneration Process for the Application to Cement Flue Gases:
Lionel Dubois, University of Mons


Modeling and Simulation of Catalytic CO2 Desorption from a CO2-Loaded Solvent in the Desorber:
Raphael Idem, University of Regina


Mass Transfer Studies on Catalyst-Aided Desorption in an Amine Based Post Combustion CO2 Capture Plant:
Raphael Idem, University of Regina


Adsorbent Characterization for the Development of Carbon Capture Processes:
Marco Mazzotti, ETH Zurich

12 A Comparison of Impacts on Human Health due to Heavy Metal Emissions from a Conventional Lignite Coal-Fired Electricity Generation Station without Carbon Dioxide Capture and with Post-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture:
Jarotwan Koiwanit, University of Regina
13  Pilot Study on Carbon Capture from Hot Stove Oven Gas of Steel Mill:
Jui-Fu Shen, China Steel Corporatio 
14 Post Combustion Carbon Capture Source Emission Sampling Method Development:
Raphael Idem, University of Regina 
15 1 MWth Pilot Testing and Scale-up of the Carbonate Looping Process in the SCARLET Project:
Jochen Hilz, Technische Universität Darmstadt 

Less is More: the use of a Compact PTR-QMS Instrument in the Ammonia Chemical Ionization Mode for Selective On-Line Monitoring of Amines Emitted from a PCCC Facility:
Armin Wisthaler, University of Oslo

17 Development and Optimization of a Temperature Swing Adsorption Process for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture in Integrated Steelworks:
Matteo Gazzani, ETH Zurich 
18 Experimental Demonstration of Synthetic Exhaust Gas Recirculation Impact on Carbon Capture:
Thom Best, University of Leeds
19 Ammonia Emission Control in Post-Combustion CO2 Capture by Purging a Hjosir Ammonium Concentration from the Amine Scrubbing System:
Junyuan Ding, The University of Texas at Austin
20 The International Test Centre Network (TCN) – an Area for Knowledge and Experience Sharing:
Lars Ingolf Eide, CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad 

0.25 MWth Pulverized Biomass Firing Combustion Test Facility Integrated with a Post-Combustion Capture Plant:
Janos Szuhanszki, University of Sheffield

22 Predicting Scale-up Performance using Validated CFD Model with Quantitative Confidence:
Xin Sun, PNNL 
23 Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Technology for Hjosir-Efficiency Combined Power Cycle using Low-BTU Fuel Gas in an Integrated Iron and Steel Mill:
Kristin Onarheim, VTT 
24 Assessment of Emerging Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Technologies and their Potential to Reduce Costs:
Jasmin Kemper, IEAGHG
25 Characterization and Modelling of Aerosol Droplet in Absorption Columns:
Hallvard Svendsen, NTNU 
26 The Role of Filtration in Regenerative Solvent Scrubbing Systems for Carbon Capture for Coal Fired Power Generation:
Jonathan Garrick, BHS-Sonthofen Inc. 

Developing Methodology for Performance Test of Various CO2 Absorbents:
Kwang-koo Kim, Korea Testing Laboratory

28 Assessment of Post Combustion CCS Systems Application for Fossil Fuel Power Plants in Czech Republic:
Monika Vitvarova, Czech Technical University in Prague
29 Non-Aqueous Solvent (NAS) CO2 Capture Process:
Marty Lail, RTI International
30 Selective CO2 Capture on Activated Carbon:
Sepideh Shahkarami, University of Saskatchewan
31 Carbon Clean Solutions Limited Field Demonstration Of Advanced APBS Solvent the US-DOE’s National Carbon Capture Center:
Prateek Bumb, Carbon Clean Solutions, Ltd