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Background to the Study


There is a considerable amount of background material published on CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) demonstration projects, including capital (CAPEX) and operational (OPEX) costs which can be helpful for comparison with new projects.  However, this material is often widely distributed and not easy to find or conveniently located.  IEAGHG have produced a guide for locating key references of selected Front End Engineering (FEED) design studies for (CCS) projects. 



  • Its primary aim is to provide a convenient source of key references for these FEED studies with a specific focus on technical and cost information that are in the public domain.  The guide also includes a brief summary of cost information for four high profile demonstration sites that have either been planned, or in one case built and operated.  They include: Peterhead – Goldeneye; Quest, White Rose and Mountaineer.  A brief commentary on the basis for the cost ranges presented, and the percentage variation applied in each example, is also covered.  The derivation of cost estimates shows that there are differences in approach and levels of accuracy.  If this information is important a direct approach to the lead developer is recommended.


    The level of detail and availability of FEED studies varies considerably.  Some documents are publically accessible and can be downloaded from internet websites, whereas other material is held by lead developers who would need to be approached.  The FEED guide lists major CCS projects where FEED studies are known to exist and includes relevant contact details.

The report is free for member countries. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a copy.