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Background to the Study


Hydrogen is a key raw material to other energy intensive industries. Globally, nearly 90% of the hydrogen produced industrially is consumed by the ammonia, methanol and oil refining industries. Moreover, hydrogen could soon play a significant role in the decarbonisation of power, space heating (i.e. industrial, commercial, building and residential heating) and transport fuel (i.e. use of fuel cell vehicles).


Although the steam methane reformer route (SMR) is the leading technology for H2 production from natural gas or light hydrocarbons, there are other mature and emerging alternatives. Similarly, while increasing the process efficiency has shown a CO2 emissions reduction of nearly 10%, CCS has been identified as a key strategy to cut down CO2 emissions from hydrogen production.  

Against this background the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF) decided to map activities on hydrogen production with CCS in member states and elsewhere. One conclusion of that exercise was to hold workshop with other organisations.  

A steering committee was formed to organise this workshop, held on November 6th 2019, and hosted by EDF and Club CO2.

The report is available to download.