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Technical Session 3

Time Session Paper
Demonstration and Large Scale Pilot Plant Projects (2)
14.00  3A

Doosan Power Systems OxyCoal Technology: David Sturgeon, Doosan Babcock, UK

14.20  3A

Oxy-Combustion Testing in 30MWth Pilot Plant Schwarze Pumpe: Frank Kluger, Alstom Boiler GmbH, Germany

14.40  3A

Oxyfuel Combustion with Hitachi's DST-Burner at Vatenfalls's 30MWth Pilot Plant at Schwarze Pumpe: Christian Bergins, Hitachi Power Europe GmbH, Germany

15.00  3A

Oxy-Combustion at LACQ CCS Pilot Plant: Preliminary Analysis of Boiler-Burner Performance: Niomar Marcano, Air Liquide, France

15.20  3A

Oxy-Fired Tangenital Boiler Development and Large-Scale (15MWth) Validation: Armand Levasseur, Alstom Power Inc., USA

Risk Assessment and Plant Operation
14.00  3B

Comparison of Data-Based Methods for Monitoring Increasing Air Leakages into Oxyfuel Power Plants: Robert Preusche, TU Dresden, Germany

14.20  3B Risk Analysis of FORTUM's 560MWe Net Poert Plant Retrofit to Oxyfuel Combustion: Frederick Lockwood, Air Liquide, France and Kenji Kiyama, Babcock-Hitachi, Japan
14.40  3B

Maintenace Optimisation of Oxyfuel Power Plants: Matthias Klatt, Brandenberg TU Cottbus, Germany

15.00  3B

A Systems Level Study of an Oxy-Coal Combustion Power Plant: Truls Gundersen, NTNU, Norway

15.20 3B Dynamic Process Simulation Model of an Oxyfuel 250 MWel Demonstration Power Plant: Ralf Poslter, TU Darmstadt, Germany

Chemical Looping Combustion
14.00 3C

ALSTOM Chemical Looping Technology Status: John Marion, Alstom power Inc., USA

14.40 3C

One ASU Alternative: O2-CO2 Production for Oxyfuel Combustion Using Chamical Looping: Yuan-yuan Wen, Tsinguhua University, China

15.00 3C

Chemical looping Combustion using Biomass as Fuel: Stefan Penthor, Vienna University, Austria

15.20 3C

Dynamic Modelling and Simulation of Chemical looping Combustion process: Tero Tynjala, Lappeentrana University, Finland