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New Report: 2016-10 – Techno-Economic Evaluation of Retrofitting CCS in a Market Pulp Mill and an Integrated Pulp and Board Mill.

​Globally, the pulp and paper (P&P) industry is the fifth largest industrial source of CO2 emissions. Recently, the Paris Agreement has highlighted the target of achieving below 1.5oC temperature rise. In order to achieve this goal, bio-CCS has an important role to play to achieve this target. In a pulp mill, the CO2 emissions arise mainly from...

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Opening Speech GHGT-13 Kelly Thambimuthu

 As I spoke to open GHGT-13 today COP22 is underway in Marrakech. It is worth reflecting on the historic agreement that was made at the preceding COP21 meeting held in Paris last year. Paris set us the added aspiration of a new global temperature target of below 20C, even though we are working towards a 20C target. We know very well that even ...

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GHGT-13 Steering Committee jumping for joy

If ever we needed proof that the CCS Community are a hardy bunch, this seems to have come in the shape of the 1,017 abstracts submitted to the GHGT-13 conference. Despite the news late last year of the cancellation of the UK competition which could potentially have seen many hang up their hats, it seems the technical community has become used the t...

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