CCS : Essential for our future or a Trojan horse for big oil


By Tim Dixon

24 April 2018

I was invited to give a talk to a local Green Party meeting who wanted a debate on CCS. This was the Stroud Green Party, Stroud being a town in the scenic Cotswold Hills known for its number of green councillors, independent spirit and high level of environmental awareness. They titled the debate “CCS – Essential for our future or a Trojan horse for big oil”. They have recently been campaigning against a waste to energy plant (now being constructed) which prompted me to get more up to speed on the interesting Norwegian work for the Klemetsrud plant in order to share with them. It was an interesting evening, friendly, but with strongly-made counter-points against CCS by a Green Party member in the debate, and a somewhat sceptical audience. I was given fair opportunity to respond to all the points made, and to the many good questions from the audience. I could see a twinkle in their eyes when they realised that fitting capture on coal and gas power plant would raise their electricity prices and so may assist renewable electricity’s competitiveness. After the lively debate had ended, I was most surprised to be informed that a ‘straw poll’ had been taken and found all asked now wanted the Green Party to support CCS. Nice feedback to receive! Also, this is the official policy position of the UK’s Green Party, to most members surprise. Many thanks to the Stroud Green Party for an interesting and lively debate.  

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