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2017 Reports
Reducing Emissions from Natural Gas Supplies (More) 2017-TR7
Understanding the cost of retrofitting CO2 capture to an integrated oil refinery (More) 2017-TR8
Valuing Flexibility in CCS Power Plants (More) 2017-09
CO2 Migration in the Overburden (More) 2017-08
CCS deployment in the context of regional developments in meeting long-term climate change objectives (More) 2017-07
CCS Industry Build-Out Rates – Comparison with Industry Analogues (More) 2017-TR6
RECAP Project 2017-TR5
Proceedings from the US DOE Energy-Economic Modelling Workshop (More) 2017-06
Techno-Economic Evaluation of HYCO Plant with CCS (More) 2017-03
Techno-Economic Evaluation of SMR Based H2 Plant with CCS (More) 2017-02
Reference Data and Supporting Literature Reviews for SMR Based Hydrogen Production with CCS (More) 2017-TR3
Combined meeting of the IEAGHG Monitoring and Modelling Networks (More) 2017-05
CO2 capture in natural gas production by adsorption (More) 2017-04
Feasibility Study for Ship Based Transport of Ethane to Europe and Back Hauling of CO2 to the USA (More) 2017-TR1
Review of CO2 Storage in Basalts (More) 2017-TR2
Case Studies of CO2 Storage in Depleted Oil and Gas Fields (More)  2017-01
2016 Reports
Techno-Economic Evaluation of Retrofitting CCS in a Market Pulp Mill and an Integrated Pulp and Board Mill. 2016-10
National CO2 Storage Assessment Guide (More) 2016-TR6
Fault permeability (More) 2016-13
Emissions Accounting for CO2 EOR 2016-06
Regional Assessments of the Economic Barriers to CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery in the North Sea, Russia and GCC States (More) 2016-11
4th CCS Costs Network Workshop (More) 2016-09
Evaluation of Process Control Strategies for Normal, Flexible and Upset Condition Operation of CO2 Post Combustion Capture Processes (More) 2016-07
Internationals Workshop on Offshore Geological CO2 Storage (More) 2016-TR2
A Summary Report of the Risk Management and Environmental Research Networks Combined Meeting (More) 2016-08
Review of Project Permits under the London Protocol – An Assessment of the Proposed P18-4 CO2 storage site (More) 2016-TR4
Review of GHG Accounting Rules for CCS (More) 2016-TR3
CCS and Unburnable Carbon (More) 2016-05
Operational flexibility of CO2 transport and storage (more) 2016-04
Workshop on LCA in CCUS (More) 2016-03
Evaluation of Barriers to National CO2 Geological Storage Assessments (More) 2016-TR1
5th Social Research Network Meeting Report (More) 2016-02
Impact of CO2 Impurity on CO2 Compression, Liquefaction and transportation (More) 2016-01
2015 Reports
Monitoring Network Meeting Summary (More) 2015-07
Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage project at SaskPower's Boundary Dam Power Station (More) 2015-06
Oxy-Combustion Turbine Power Plants (More..)  2015-05
Criteria of Fault Geomechanical Stability (More..)  2015-04
CCS Cluster Projects: Review and Future Opportunities (More..)  2015-03
Review of Offshore Monitoring for CCS Projects (More..)  2015-02
Monitoring and Modelling Combined Network Meeting  2015/01
CCS Deployment in the Context of Regional Developments in Meeting Long-Term Climate Change Objectives (More...) 2015-TR3
USDOE Carbon Storage Program: 2015 Project Peer Review 2015-TR2
2014 Reports
4th Social Research Network Meeting 2014-10
CO2 Storage Efficiency in Deep Saline Formations: A Comparison of Volumetric and Resource Estimation Methods 2014-09
Techno Economic Evaluation of Different Post Combsution CO2 Capture Process Flow Sheet Modifications 2014-08
IEAGHG/IETS iron and Steel Industry CCUS and Process Integration Workshop 2014-07
Summary Report of the 5th HTSLCN Meeting  2014/06
Biomass and CCS - Guidance for Accounting Negative Emissions 2014/05
Performance of Dehydration of Units for CO2 Capture 2014/04
CO2 Capture at Coal-Based Power and Hydrogen Plants 2014/03
Evaluation of Recalimer Sludge Disposal from CO2 PCC Process 2014/02
Comparing Different Approaches to Managing CCS 2014/01
IEAGHG 2013 RCSP Peer Review Summary Report 2014/TR2
Assessment of Emerging CO2 Capture Technologies and Their Potential to Reduce Costs 2014/TR4
2013 Reports
Summary Report of the 3rd IEAGHG Social Research Network 2013-01
Building Knowledge for Environmental Assessment of CO2 Storage 2013-02
Summary Report of the 2nd IEAGHG Joint Network Meeting 2013-03
Iron and Steel CCS Study (Techno-Economics Integrated Steel Mill) 2013-04
Post Combustion CO2 Capture Scale-Up Study 2013-05
4th IEAGHG Network Meeting & Technical Workshop on Hjosir Temperature Solid Looping Cycles 2013-06
Key Messages for Communication Needs for Stakeholders 2013-07 
Interaction of CO2 Storage with Subsurface Resources 2013-08
Induced Seismicity and its Implications for CO2 Storage Risk 2013-09
Potential Implications on Gas Production from Shales and Coals 2013-10
Potential for Biomethane Production with Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage 2013-11
UK FEED Study - A Summary 2013-12
The Process of Developing a CO2 Test Injection Experience to Date and Best Practice 2013-13
Summary of the Modelling and Risk Management Network Meeting 2013-14
Monitoring Network and Environmental Research Network - Combined Meeting 2013-15
Information Sheets on CCS 2013-16
IEAGHG OPEC Repot of Workshop on CCS and CDM 2013-17
CO2 Pipeline Infrastructure 2013-18
Deployment of CCS in the Cement Industry 2013-19
Methodologies and Technologies for Mitigation 2013-20
Shale Gas Greenhouse Gas Footprint Review 2013/TR1
Toward a Common Method of Cost Estimation for CCS at Fossil Fuel Power Plants 2013/TR2
Overview of the Current State and Development of CO2 Capture Technologies in the Ironmaking Process 2013/TR3
A Review of the Status of Global Non-CO2 GHG Emissions and Their Mitigation Potential 2013/TR4
Incorporating Future Technological Improvemnts in Existing CO2 Post Combustion Capture Plants: Technical Review  2013/TR5
Mineralisation - Carbonation and Enhanced Weathering 2013/TR6
Review of CO2 Storage in Low Permeability Strata 2013/TR7
2012 Reports
Wellbore Integrity Network Summary Report 2012/01
Quantification Techniques for CO2 Leakage 2012/02
Emissions of Substances Other than CO2 from Power Plants with CCS 2012/03

Summary Report of the 6th Risk Assessment Network Workshop

Operating Flexibilty of Power plants with CCS 2012/06
Gaseous Emissions from Amine Based Post Combustion CO2 Capture Processes and their deep removal 2012/07
CO2 Capture at Gas Fired Power Plants 2012/08
Barriers to Implementation of CCS: Capacity Constraints 2012/09
SWOT/Scenario Analysis 2012 (confidential) 2012/10
Financial Mechanisms for Long-Term CO2 Storage Liabilities 2012/11
Extraction of Formation Water from CO2 Storage 2012/12
The CCS Landscape in the Context of Community Values - CONFIDENTIAL 2012/13
Integration of Solar Energy Technologies with CCS 2012/TR1
Microbial Effects on CO2 Storage 2012/TR3

2011 Reports

Caprock Systems for CO2 Geological Storage (4.8MB)


Retrofitting CO2 Capture to Existing Power Plants (3.3MB)


Summary Report of the IEAGHG Workshop - Natural Releases of CO2: Building Knowledge for CO2 Storage Environmental Impact Assessments (0.7MB)


Effects of Impurities on Geological Storage of CO2 (0.8MB)


IEAGHG Seminar on Control of Nitrosamine Formation in CO2 Capture Plant: Report on Meeting (0.2MB)


Potential for Biomass and Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage (4MB) 2011/6
Rotating Equipment for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage (7.2MB) 2011/7
WHWL from Operational CCS Demo’s, Phase 1B (0.5MB) 2011/9
Global Storage Resources Gap Analysis for Policy Makers (10.3MB) 2011/10
Potential Impacts on Groundwater Resources of Geological Storage (8.1MB) 2011/11
Summary Report of the 2nd IEAGHG Social Research Network Meeting (3MB) 2011/12
Combined Modelling Wellbore Integrity Network Meeting (10MB) 2011/13
The 7th IEAGHG Monitoring Network Meeting (6.9MB) 2011/14
3rd Hjosir Temperature Solid Looping Network Meeting 2011/15
Post Combustion Capture Conference One 2011/16
Challenges and Opportunities of CO2 Capture and Storage for the Iron and Steel Industry 2011/17
Addressing SO2/SO3/Hg/Corrosion Issues in Oxyfuel Combustion Boiler and Flue Gas Processing Units 2011/18
Geological Storage of CO2 in Basalts 2011-TR2

2010 Reports

Workshop on Operating Flexibility of Power Plants with CCS (17.8MB)


International Network for CO2 Capture: Report on 12th Meeting (26.1MB)


Corrosion and selection of materials for carbon capture and storage (2.3MB)


Injection Strategies for CO2 Storage Sites (2.3MB)


Water Usage and Loss Analysis of Bituminous Coal Fired Power Plants with CO2 Capture (5 volumes) (12.6MB)


2nd Meeting of the Geological Storage Modelling Network (33.9MB)


Oxyfuel Combustion of Pulverised Coal (0.5MB)


2nd Hjosir Temperature Solid Looping network meeting (0.2MB)


1st Social Research Network Meeting (15.8MB)


6th Meeting of the Wellbore Integrity Network (22.8MB)


Workshop on Environmental Impact of Amine Emissions during Post-Combustion Capture (11.3MB)


5th Meeting of the Risk Assessment Network (1.6MB)


Development of a Global CO2 Pipeline Infrastructure (17.7MB)


6th Meeting of the Monitoring Network (92MB)


Pressurisation and Brine Displacement Issues for Deep Saline Formation CO2 Storage (4.1MB)


What we have Learnt from IEAGHG CO2 Capture and CCS Generic Technical Studies (0.4MB) 2010/TR1

Environmental Evaluation of CCS Using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) (26.1MB)


Geothermal Energy and Storage (0.5MB)



2009 Reports

Storage in Depleted Gas Fields (3.3MB)


Post Combustion capture – Solid Sorbents and Membranes (1.8MB)


Upgraded calculator for CO2 pipeline systems (3.3MB)


5th Meeting of the Wellbore Integrity Network (38.6MB)


CO2 Geological Storage Modelling Workshop (31MB)


Safety in Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transport and Storage (1.6MB)


4th Meeting of the Risk Assessment Network (38.2MB)


Long Term Integrity of CO2 Storage – Well Abandonment (4.4MB)


Techno-Economic Evaluation of Biomass Fired or Co-Fired Power Plant with Post-Combustion CO2 Capture (2.7MB)


CCS Site Selection and Characterisation Criteria (1.2MB)


5th Meeting of the Monitoring Network (52MB)


CO2 Storage in Depleted Oil Fields (4.4MB)


Development of Storage Coefficients for Carbon Dioxide Storage in Deep Saline Formations (7.4MB)


Evaluation of Novel Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Solvent Concepts (4MB)


OPEC-IEA GHG CCS workshop for scientists and professionals in OPEC Member Countries (81MB)


What Have We Learnt IEA GHG Storage Activities (0.8MB)


Partial Capture of CO2 (0.1MB)


Criteria for technical and economic assessment of plants with CO2 capture (0.6MB)


Otway Basin Pilot Project Annual Expert Review (0.5MB)


The Landscape of Carbon Dioxide Capture Storage and Management, Education in the UK (0.4MB)


What Have We Learned from CCS Demonstrations? (0.7MB)


A Review of the International State of the Art in Risk Assessment Guidelines and Proposed Terminology for use in CO2 Geological Storage (1.1MB)



2008 Reports

3rd Risk Assessment Network Meeting Report (30.7MB)


An Assessment of the Potential for CO2 Storage in the Indian Subcontinent (7.7MB)


CO2 Capture in the Cement Industry (4MB)


2nd Expert Meeting on Financing CCS Projects (16.5MB)


3rd Meeting of the Oxy-Combustion Network (42MB)


4th Meeting of the Wellbore Integrity Network Meeting (41MB)


International Network for CO2 Capture: Report on 11th Workshop (22.7MB)


Assessment of Sub Sea Ecosystem Impacts (10.4MB)


Production of Hydrogen and Electricity with CO2Capture – Updated Economic Analysis (4.1MB)


Novel Approaches to Improving the Performance of Carbon Dioxide Capture (1.1MB)


Reduction of Residential Carbon Dioxide Emissions through the Use of small Cogeneration Fuel Cell Systems (2.4MB)


Aquifer Storage – Development Issues (6.8MB)


Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage in the Clean Development Mechanism: Assessing market effects of inclusion (2.6MB)


Joint Network Meeting report (7MB)


Environmental Impacts Meeting Report (7.3MB)


4th Monitoring Network Meeting (87MB)


Scoping Study on Operating Flexibility of Power Plants with CO2 Capture (0.5MB)



2007 Reports

Environmental Impact Assessment for CO2 Capture and Storage


Role of Risk  Assessment in Regulatory Framework for CCS. Feedback from Regulators and Implementors


Potential Impacts of Leaks from Onshore CO2Storage Projects on Terrestrial Ecosystems


CO2 Capture Ready Power Plants


3rd Monitoring Network Meeting Report


3rd Well Bore Integrity Workshop


CO2 Capture from Medium Scale Combustion Installations


International Network for CO2 Capture: Report on 10th Workshop


Expert Workshop on Financing Carbon Capture and Storage: Barriers and Solutions


2nd Meeting of the Risk Assessment Network


Remediation of Seepage from CO2 Storage Formations


Distributed Collection of CO2


Co-Production of Hydrogen and Electricity by Coal Gasification with CO2 Capture


Improved Oxygen Production Technologies


Post Combustion Carbon Capture from Coal Fired Plants – Solvent Scrubbing


CO2 ECBM Review


Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage in the Clean Development Mechanism



2006 Reports

2006/1: CO2 Capture in Low Rank Coal Power Plants (11MB)

2006/2: Safe Storage of CO2  (2.1MB)

2006/3: Permitting Issues for CO2 Capture and Geological Storage (2MB)

2006/4: International Oxy-Combustion Network for CO2 Capture: Report on Inaugural Workshop (16MB)

2006/5: Launch Meeting of the Risk Assessment Network (17MB)

2006/6: Estimating the Future Trends in the Cost of CO2 Capture Technologies. (Please note that this download does not include Appendix files.) (1.6MB)

2006/7: Updating the IEA GHG Global CO2 Emissions Database: Developments since 2002 (1.1MB)

2006/8: CO2 Capture as a Factor in Power Station Investment Decisions (1.5MB)

2006/9: 2nd Meeting of the Monitoring Network (62MB)

2006/10: 2nd Meeting of the Risk Assessment Network (62MB)

2006/11: CO2 Capture Network : 9th Workshop (23MB)

2006/12: 2nd Well Bore Integrity Workshop (62MB)

2006/13: Near Zero Emissions Technology for CO2 Capture from Power Plant (1.2MB)

2006/14: Environmental Impact of Solvent Scrubbing of CO2 (1.3MB)

2005 Reports

2005/13: International Test Network for CO2 Capture: Report on 8th Workshop (19MB)

2005/12: Well Bore Integrity Workshop (20MB)

2005/11: CO2 Storage by Mineral Carbonation (0.5MB)

2005/10: Low greenhouse gas emission transport fuels: the impact of CO2capture and storage on selected pathways (1.48MB)

2005/9: Oxy Combustion Processes for CO2 Capture from Power Plant (4.4MB)

2005/8: A Review of Natural CO2 Occurrences and Releases and their Relevance to CO2 Storage (8.6MB)

2005/7: Development of PPAP Power Plant Assessment Program (3.6MB)

2005/6: NASCENT - Final Report (5.3MB)

2005/5: Monitoring Workshop - Inaugural Meeting (70MB)

2005/4: Assessment of the Costs and Enhanced Potential for Carbon Sequestration in Soils (1.2MB)

2005/3: Building the Cost Curves for CO2 Storage: North America (8MB)

2005/2: Building the Cost Curves for CO2 Storage: European Sector (7MB)

2005/1: Retrofit of CO2 Capture to Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plants (43.8MB)

PH4 Reports

PH4/37: Modelling of Ocean Storage of CO2 - The GOSAC Study (8.5MB)

PH4/36: Use of the Clean Development Mechanism for CO2 Capture and Storage (1.6MB)

PH4/35: Overview of Long Term Framework for CO2 Capture and Storage(1.14MB)

PH4/34: International Test Network for CO2 Capture Report on 7th Workshop(14.8MB)

PH4/33: Improvement in Power Generation with Post Combustion Capture of CO2 (1.48MB)

PH4/32: Impact of Impurities on CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage (892KB)

PH4/31: Risk Assessment Workshop (32.4MB)

PH4/30: Ship Transport of CO2 (2.98MB)

Ph4/29: Overview of Monitoring Requirements for Geologic Storage Projects

PH4/28: International Test Network for CO2 Capture: Report on 6th Workshop . May 2004 (23.2MB)

PH4/27: Canadian Clean Power Coalition Studies on CO2 Capture and Storage . March 2004 (677Kb)

PH4/26: Gas Hydrates for Deep Ocean Storage of CO2. February 2004(5.24MB)

PH4/25: Building the Cost Curves for the Industrial Sources of Non-CO2GHGs. October 2003 (0.99MB)

PH4/24: Reduction of CO2 Emissions by Adding Hydrogen to Natural Gas. October 2003 (2.26MB)

PH4/23: Barriers to Overcome in Implementation of CO2 Capture & Storage (2): Rules and Standards for the Transmission and Storage of CO2. August 2003 (4.6MB)

PH4/22: International Test Network for CO2 Capture: Report on 5th Workshop (Pittsburgh, June 2003). July 2003 (12.4MB)

PH4/21: Saline Aquifer CO2 Storage Project (SACS) Best Practise Manual. July 2003 (5MB)

PH4/20: Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Network : Agriculture. June 2003(11.5MB)

PH4/19: Potential for Improvement in Gasification Combined Cycle Power Generation with CO2 Capture. May 2003 (9MB)

PH4/18: Acid Gas Injection : A Study of Existing Operations (Phase 1: Final Report). April 2003 (2MB)

PH4/17: Building a Common FEP Database. April 2003 (2.3MB)

PH4/16: International Conventions: Implications for CO2 Storage. March 2003 (9MB)

PH4/15: Acid Gas Injection : A Study of Existing Operations (Phase 1: Interim Report). January 2003 (1.50MB)

PH4/14: The Potential of Solar Electricity to Reduce CO2 Emissions. March 2003 (1.36MB)

PH4/13: International Test Network for CO2 Capture: Report on 4th Workshop. November 2002 (10MB with all Annexes)

PH4/12: CO2 Abatement by Production and Use of Gas to Liquids Transport Fuels. August 2002 (746Kb)

PH4/11: International Test Network for CO2 Capture: Report on 3rd Workshop. July 2002. (not issued on CD)(10MB)

PH4/10: Opportunities for Early Application of CO2 Sequestration Technology. September 2002 (2.8MB zip file) (3MB)

PH4/9: Building the Cost Curves for CO2 Storage, Part 1: Sources of CO2Report Number. July 2002 (6.3MB) (6.5MB)

PH4/8: Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Network. 2nd Meeting, Maastricht, January 2002. March 2002 (578Kb zip file) (1MB)

PH4/7: Workbook for Screening Options to Reduce CO2 Emissions from Existing Power Stations. April 2002 (1.4MB)

PH4/6: Transmission of CO2 and Energy. March 2002 (2.8MB)

PH4/5: Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Network. Inaugural Meeting on Mitigation Technologies and Economic Analyses. February 2002

PH4/4: International Test Network for CO2 Capture: Report on 2nd Workshop. January 2002.

PH4/3: CO2 Technology Scenarios Seminar, Copenhagen, June 2001. (Organised by CO2NET) May 2002

PH4/2: Report of a Seminar "Putting CO2 Sequestration on the Policy Agenda", Trondheim, March 2001. (Organised by CO2NET) May 2001

PH4/1: Biofixation with Microalgae for Greenhouse Gas Abatement. (Report on a workshop, Rome, January 2001.) March 2001

PH3 reports

PH3/36: CO2 abatement by the use of carbon-rejection processes

PH3/35: Abatement of emissions of other greenhouse gases – Engineered Chemicals

PH3/34: Enhanced recovery of coal bed methane with carbon dioxide sequestration – Selection of possible demonstration sites

PH3/33: International Test Network for CO2 Capture: Report on a Workshop

PH3/32: Forums on Ocean Storage of CO2

PH3/31: CO2 abatement in oil refineries: Fired Heaters

PH3/30: Greenhouse gas emissions from major industrial sources – III Iron and steel production

PH3/29:Abatement of other greenhouse gases – Nitrous Oxide

PH3/28:Geological Storage of CO2 in Saline Aquifers: Report on a Workshop to discuss future research priorities

PH3/27: Natural Gas and Methane Hydrates

PH3/26: Capture of CO2 using water scrubbing

PH3/25: Issues underlying the feasibility of storing CO2 as hydrate deposits

PH3/24: The potential of wind energy to reduce CO2 emissions

PH3/23: Greenhouse gases from major industrial sources – IV The Aluminium Industry

PH3/22:Barriers to overcome in implementation of CO2 capture and storage (1) – Storage in disused oil and gas fields

PH3/21: CO2 capture via partial oxidation of natural gas

PH3/20: CO2 enhanced recovery in the Weyburn Oil Field: Report of a workshop to discuss monitoring

PH3/19: Enhancement of oceanic uptake of CO2 by macro-nutrient fertilisation

PH3/18: Retrofit of power stations for greenhouse gas abatement: Case studies

PH3/17: CO2 storage as carbonate minerals

PH3/16: The assessment of advanced power generation systems: Methodology development

PH3/15: CO2 abatement in gas-to-liquids plant: Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

PH3/14: Leading options for the capture of CO2 emissions at power stations

PH3/13: CO2 abatement in an integrated methanol and power system

PH3/12: Key components for CO2 abatement: Gas turbines

PH3/11: Large sale power generation using forestry and wood industry by-products

PH3/10: Carbon sequestration by forestry – Effects of timber markets

PH3/09: Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from offshore oil and gas installations

PH3/08: The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the oil refining and petrochemical industry

PH3/07: The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the cement industry

PH3/06: Multiple products with CO2 capture: Power and thermal energy

PH3/05: LNG fuel cycle: Impacts

PH3/04: The assessment of a water-cycle for capture of CO2

PH3/03: Enhanced coal bed methane recovery with CO2 sequestration

PH3/02: Advisory Group on R&D on ocean sequestration of CO2

PH3/01: Sleipner Carbon Dioxide Storage Workshop