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2017-TR1 Cover

Feasibility Study for Ship Based Transport of Ethane to Europe and Back Hauling of CO2 to the USA

The study is a first stage assessment of a novel concept of transporting ethane from the USA in dedicated maritime carriers to Europe, which are modified from standard designs to be equipped to carry both ethane and CO2, so that CO2 can be transported back (back hauled) to the USA for use in CO2-EOR operations. This is an interesting concept and one that should not be dismissed out of hand. But all the pieces of the jigsaw do not slot into place at the current time and may not conceivably do so in the next 5-10 years.  It is also noted that LPG and ethane trades to the Far East from the US Gulf Coast are also now starting and there may be similar considerations on those routes for future investigations of this type.

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