GHGT-13 Steering Committee jumping for joy


By Tim Dixon

11 February 2016

If ever we needed proof that the CCS Community are a hardy bunch, this seems to have come in the shape of the 1,017 abstracts submitted to the GHGT-13 conference. Despite the news late last year of the cancellation of the UK competition which could potentially have seen many hang up their hats, it seems the technical community has become used the to the turbulent ride that is getting CCS to deployment. Just days after the UK announcement, Paris and COP21 brought hope once again that CCS will have a place in the low carbon future and it is as a result of the work done by this community that this will be possible.

The Steering Committee for GHGT-13 are extremely humbled by the support, resilience and determination of the authors submitting to the conference and are looking forward to hosting the conference where academia, industry and policy makers all meet with the sole purpose of progressing this technology. No other conference has the breadth of subjects and expertise on display that GHGT is able to accommodate making it the one stop shop for getting up to speed with the latest projects, newest developments both in the laboratory and the field and the latest legislation and regulations for ensuring CCS can make a significant contribution to the greenhouse gas mitigation pool of technologies.

With a growing number of sponsors pledging their support for the conference and the endorsement from the submitting authors, GHGT-13 has much to offer delegates, exhibitors and the CCS Community as a whole. With information dissemination and networking as core values it promises to be an informative, invigorating conference and for those of you who have never been to a GHGT conference, bring comfy shoes, it is also an intense week where much can be learnt, contacts and new working partnerships made and we get to remember why we are doing all of this.

How has your country done? Below is the remarkable spread of countries we have received abstracts from – welcoming Turkey and Iceland as first time submitters but how has your country done, is it a world leader or pioneer for the smaller more surprising nations? 

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