IEAGHG 50th ExCo


By Becky Kemp

15 November 2016

The 50th bi-annual IEAGHG ExCo meeting has come to a close in the beautiful Swiss city of Lausanne. The two day IEAGHG Executive Committee meeting began on Saturday 12th November and was held in the excellent Hôtel de la Paix. This regular meeting is held twice yearly, at different locations across the world each time, and gives IEAGHG an opportunity to provide our Members and Sponsors with programme progress, an update of recently completed and on-going activities and to approve any future work to be undertaken. It also gives our Members a chance to report back to the Programme on their activities over the last 6 months and any activities planned for the near future.

The Programme’s ExCo Members were given an overview of recent activities such as feedback from the Monitoring and Modelling Networks meeting along with feedback from the 2016 Summer School which was held in Regina, Canada. Tim Dixon eagerly presented on COP22, in Marrakech, as IEAGHG held yet another successful side event. There were also presentations on reports which are on-going and also proposals given for potential new studies for IEAGHG to carry out.

Members agreed to take forward 5 new studies this year (two as technical reviews) – so do stay tuned to see the progress in these various areas; more details will come soon.

The ExCo dinner at this meeting was held in the elegant restaurant of the Hôtel de la Paix. Members were all very eager to discuss the outcomes of the first day and to have a chance to relax and enjoy the picturesque Lausanne setting.

A full-length article on the 50th IEAGHG ExCo meeting will be available in the upcoming December edition of the IEAGHG Greenhouse News. 

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